Will Print Marketing Bring Clients to My Real Estate Business?

The real estate business is tough, and people working there will tell you the same. If you’re a real estate agent, you must work hard to find clients and establish your reputation. To be successful in this field, you have to do things like making connections, using the internet to promote yourself, and using printed materials. Both print and digital methods are important for reaching a wide audience.

Some might think that print is no longer useful in our modern age, but it still plays a role in real estate marketing.

In fact, here are five reasons why printed materials are important in real estate marketing.

Real Estate and Print Marketing — Still a Powerful Combination

Our world is filled with digital technology; everything seems virtual or online. While these methods can be effective, they can also overwhelm people.

That’s where print marketing comes in. It’s a strong and effective tool that stands out from digital marketing. Here are some facts to consider:

  1. Print marketing requires less mental effort from recipients than digital methods. It’s easier for people to understand and engage with print materials.
  2. In a study, direct mail was more effective overall, scoring 1.31 compared to 0.87 for all digital channels. This means that print marketing has a higher impact on potential customers.
  3. When people receive direct mail offers, they can remember the brand name 75% of the time. In contrast, the accuracy dropped to 44% for digital marketing. Print materials leave a stronger impression and brand recognition.
  4. Nearly three-quarters of Americans prefer to be contacted through direct mail. They like being able to read the information whenever they want, at their convenience.

These statistics focus on direct mail campaigns, but print marketing is generally beneficial. It helps you stand out from your competitors and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients, leading to increased revenue.

Here’s How You Can Make Print Marketing Work for You

Stand Out from the Crowd with Print

Every day, the average person sees more than 5,000 digital ads. It’s overwhelming, and many people use ad-blocking software to avoid them. Emails are no different, with the average office worker receiving 121 daily. You might get lost in the noise if you rely solely on digital channels to communicate.

Print advertising, like brochures, flyers, or business cards, gives potential clients something physical to hold and examine at their own pace when they are more receptive. Studies show that 80-90% of physical mail gets opened, while only 25% of emails are actually read.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Digital ads can be easily forgotten with just a click. But print materials people can touch and see tend to stick around longer. If potential clients forget details about you, your agency, or a property you have for sale, they can always refer to the printed material to find the information they need.

Build Trust — and Relationships

People consider their homes to be their most valuable investment. When they seek assistance buying or selling a home, they want to rely on someone trustworthy.

Print marketing is viewed as the most trustworthy type of marketing by 56% of customers. Trust is crucial because it forms the foundation for a long-term relationship that can bring you repeat business.


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