Your Ultimate Home Selling Process Roadmap

Selling your home soon in Ontario, CA? Here’s how you can do it by following this home selling process roadmap.

Steps to selling Your Home


The first step of your home selling journey starts with getting your home ready for your potential buyers. Not only did it involve cleaning and making your curb appeal presentable, but also other preparations as well.

Steps include:

  • Identify your goals
  • Choose your agent, discuss your selling plan, and sign a listing agreement


Setting a price on your home is a crucial step. You wouldn’t want the price to be too high or too low.

Steps include:

3. Market Your Home

The selling points of your home should be identified by you or your realtor, and the best advertising language to represent them should be used.

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Personal contacts
  • Website listing
  • Real estate platforms (e.g., Zillow, Redfin, etc.


Now that your home is on the market and its price has been listed, it’s time to show it to potential buyers.

Steps include:

  • Prepare your home for showings
  • Tidy up and declutter
  • Put away valuable items and documents

5. Negotiate Offers

Interested buyers will send you different offers to buy your home. This is a bidding war, and you may accept their bids, negotiate, or decline.

Steps include:

  • Accept, deny, or counter offer are presented to you
  • Negotiate repair requests or issues
  • Accept the best offer and sign the contract (may be subject to contingencies)

6. Pre-Closing and Title Preparation

Step five is all about a further walk-through of your home and for the seller to make sure that the home is what you say it is.

Steps include:

  • A home inspection may reveal any repairs needed
  • Buyer’s final walk-through within 24 hours prior to closing
  • Title search that verifies you own the property
  • A property survey is completed

7. The Closing

This is the end goal of this roadmap. Preparation of closing documents and turning over the house takes place here.

Steps include:

  • Review closing statement
  • The deed is delivered to the buyer, the title is transferred, and costs are paid
  • Sign closing documents
  • Hand over the keys

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