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40+ Awesome Social Media Post Inspirations for Real Estate Agents

  1. Clarify Realty Jargon

Make some of the real estate terms be clear as possible to your audience. It’s about giving values.

  1. Make Use of and Distribute No-Cost Materials

Provide your audience with free, helpful resources to assist them in making informed decisions.

  1. Elaborate on Your Experience

This is also where you become relatable and a great way to let your audience know where you started.

  1. Promote the Next Generation of Real Estate Professionals

Build your network and credibility among real estate students by sharing useful information online.

  1. Publish Seasonal Advice

Changes in real estate needs and issues occur seasonally. Never let your audience miss something important!

  1. Create Downloadable Lists.

Who wouldn’t want free learning resources?

  1. Develop a shared schedule of future events.

Keep your followers about upcoming social media events (such as Lives, sweepstakes, or virtual showings).

  1. Analyze the character and reputation of each territory you cover

A person’s choice of neighborhood is heavily influenced by their preferred way of life. Write many articles exploring the distinctive characteristics of each area.

  1. Lifestyle-Related Content.

Don’t get too informational, write about lifestyle-related content too.

  1. Invite an expert to the Industry
  2. Please share your book recommendations

Don’t be shy to share your book recommendations.

  1. Share your home exercise suggestions

Share strategies for being busy at home when under lockdown/social isolation.

  1. Exchange staging concepts

Share your staging methods for making your houses appear fantastic.

  1. Disseminate the most recent smart home gadget

Share a video, image, or brief evaluation of the most recent must-have smart appliance for your house.

  1. Share your thoughts on what NOT to purchase

Showcase frequent traps that buyers should avoid while purchasing a new property

  1. Repurpose material from other social media networks
  2. Collaborate with local businesses
  3. Posts from the past

This is a great way to look back and thank your past clients for all the trust and support.

  1. Share home remedies that you use

Do you have something important to share? Do it.

  1. Share the “Weekly Home of the Week”
  2. Share home decorating ideas.

Everyone loves decorating ideas, so don’t forget to include this one too!

  1. Highlight positive client testimonials to increase your social proof

Let your audience feel that they can trust you.

  1. Share your most recent blog post.

Share your newest blogging masterpiece on social media if you’ve just completed it.

  1. Disseminate company news

Share any exciting changes in your organization, such as a new picnic, new training, new charity initiatives, and so on.

  1. Share user-generated material to help establish a community

Why not highlight one of your clients’ Etsy stores or products or services?

  1. Share design and remodeling ideas.

Again, give your audience value, not just pure selling

  1. Share seasonal home decorating ideas

Sharing some of your favorite season or holiday home décor ideas comes in handy for social media posts.

  1. Remind your audience of your present promotions and discounts

Do you have any special promotions going on? Make certain to notify your social media followers.

  1. Promote local events that you are organizing or attending

Let your audience know what you’re up to and invite them.

  1. Display do-it-yourself home renovation projects
  1. Learn about your audience by using polls and quizzes

Let your audience participate.

  1. Hold competitions on your real estate Facebook page

Holding competitions is an excellent way to get more exposure and reach for your company with less effort.

  1. Give Freebies

Give something out for free in your real estate Facebook post

  1. Share customer success stories

This post is a great idea to keep your audience in the loop and become interested.

  1. Distribute a video that you created

Video postings have a greater organic reach than any other type of post, so do it.

  1. Hold frequent giveaways
  2. Distribute a video tour of an open home

Utilize technology to your own advantage.

  1. Add fresh listings to increase online traffic

Keep everything fresh by adding something like featured properties or deals of the week.

  1. Display images of local company highlights

Another great real estate post suggestion, do this by adding photos of nearby banks, retail areas, or fitness facilities on your Facebook profile.

  1. Provide first-time homebuyers with home-buying advice

Provide insights about the ideal time to lock in a mortgage rate, amenities to look for in a condo, and other topics once a week.

  1. Disseminate your company’s information

Let your audience easily know about what you do and how you can help them.

  1. Create a weekly or recurrent series of posts

An active account tells your audience that you’re interested in them and encourages them to return to see what’s new.

  1. Share ideas for house decorating

Give your best tips on some topics. It’s all about giving value to your audience, after all.

  1. Distribute whitepapers to generate leads

Who wouldn’t want free and very useful real estate information?

  1. Distribute client testimonials to increase social proof
  2. Share unforgettable memes
  3. Include GIFs in your posts

Because your audience has a limited attention span, include GIFs throughout your feed to entice them to stop scrolling and watch.

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