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10+ Time-Saving Social Media Automation Tips for Smart Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, sometimes it can get really tough when you have a lot on your plate—answering emails, writing ad copy, formulating new offers, and doing social media – how to do it all? It’s just too much, and you risk having the quality ruined. To help you automate your social media pages and save time to do other important things, here are the top 10 time-saving social media automation tips for every real estate agent.

Top 10 Time-Saving Checklist

1. Invest in a Time-Scheduling Tool

Do you always make time for posting your social media posts and have problems timing them? Scheduling social media posts first-hand across different social media platforms is your friend. Here are some of the social media scheduling tools you can use:

2. Save Time Reviewing Your Social Media Copy with Writing Tools

Save time reviewing your social media copy and captions using tools like Grammarly or QuillBot. These tools detect spelling errors, but they also suggest the best way to write a sentence or paragraph.

3. Use Canva for graphics and Scheduling

Are you still using Adobe Photoshop for simple social media graphics? Do it in Canva instead. It’s very easy to use, and there are many design ideas if you can’t think of one. Aside from that, you can also schedule posts after the content creation process.

4. Save Time Shifting from One Tab to Another

It can’t be helped that sometimes you’ll get confused about which tab you are working on and which tab is your website, or about that email you received from a potential buyer waiting for a reply. Everything can get really messed up. So an automation tool that organizes tabs might be your lifesaver.

5. Delegate Tasks if Necessary

If you’re earning well from your venture, delegate tasks and focus on what matters instead. Outsourcing tasks to small freelancers makes you efficient and productive. It can also benefit you to think clearly about the important tasks at hand instead of being stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work.

6. Invest in Copywriting AI Tools

Writer’s blocks are unpredictable, and they can get you at any time. So, when you feel like writing social media copy or captions is a bit challenging, it’s best to invest in tools like Jasper or Copy.ai. They’re great at assisting in writing the best copy to match your eye-catching graphic social media post.

7. Automate Social Media Reports

Analyzing engagements or metrics is one of the most time-consuming tasks any social media marketer can experience. To save you time, automate it using some of the best social media automation tools like HootSuite, Ninja Reports, and Sprout Social.

8. Automating Conversations Across Different Platforms

It’s not all the time that you can reply to all messages across your social media platforms. Aside from that, it can also be very time-consuming, and you may run into time-management conflicts if you’re currently working on something important. So, automating conversations would be the solution. Try Instagram Automation by ManyChat to handle those discussions and integrate them with messages you receive from other social media networks.

9. Choose Social Media Automation Tools That Lets You Customize

Some real estate agents think cross-posting across all social media platforms is the best solution to update your audience, but it’s not. Each platform has different needs for image size, the number of characters required, and even tone. So, choosing an automation tool that lets you customize posts is a life hack.

10. Investing in Creative Tools

You have already probably settled on your favorite creative tools for graphics or editing videos, but check out other tools as well, like Pictory. It lets you turn text into quality videos for either explainers or reels. The Animaker app also does excellent work whenever you need voice overs or to edit real estate videos and graphics. It makes content creation easy.

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