10 Best Real Estate Agents in Stouffville (Ontario)

Fall in love with Stouffville’s strong sense of community and abundance of options for recreational activities. Moreover, it’s also impressive how they have a strong economic plan that’s focused on different industries. This surely brings more opportunities for different people to be successful in whatever they’re passionate to do. Now, if you’re looking for a home within this bustling town, here are the 10 best realtors in Stouffville, Ontario that you can tap.

10 Best Realtors in Stouffville (Ontario)

1. Mathan Markandu

mathan markandu realtors in stouffville ontario

With over 500 clients over the years, Mathan Markandu boasts of their 100% client satisfaction. They are also working with people within the town who are selling their homes and ensure that each is closed at the best deal possible through their strong negotiation skills and eye for detail. Besides this, he was also featured in publications due to his excellence in the industry.

2. Trentadue Torres Team

Wondering what’s your home worth? Get in touch with Trentadue Torres Team and they can extend a free home evaluation service to you. This can help you feel extra comfortable getting your home in the market and at the same time, hear feedbacks that you can improve to increase value. Moreover, their real estate industry knowledge can guide you to set goals for the sale and help you find potential buyers.

3. Raka Paul

raka paul realtors in stouffville ontario

The dynamic duo that brings so much value to the table for both the buyer and seller, Raka Paul sure delivers quality service. With this in mind, they assist their clients in the maximum possible way and ensure that the whole process will go as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, through their expertise in the industry, they close deals that bring benefits not only to sellers but to the buyer as well.

  • website: www.rakapaul.com/
  • address: 208 – 8901 Woodbine Ave., Markham / Richmond Hill Office, Ontario, L3R 9Y4

4. Gallo Real Estate

Since 1975, Gallo Real Estate is one of the oldest family-owned real estate groups in Stouffville, Ontario. With their long stay within the town, they are an ideal choice for clients who are from outside the town and looking for homes and neighbourhoods that can suit them. It’s also not surprising as they are also well connected within the city so they can take extra steps to ensure you’ll be great until you settle down within Stouffville.

5. Polsinello Team

polsinello team realtors in stouffville ontario

Represented by Jodi Mcguirk, Polsinello Team is dedicated to providing excellent service to their clients. Their strategic planning and tenacity in execution sure bring positive results to both buyer and seller. They also have a vast connection established throughout town. This helps you score the best deals and be the first when a home is listed.

6. Farquharson Realty

Farquharson Realty is one of the best realtors in Stouffville, Ontario. They are awarded as number 1 realtors within the town and other areas for a few years. Moreover, this just shows their commitment to providing service that exceeds expectations and at the same time, brings value since 1956. Interestingly, they also have a YouTube channel where they post walkthroughs of their listings which make it easier for clients outside the town.

7. Waterhouse Realty Group

waterhouse realty stouffville ontario

Covering 5 locations with Stouffville, Ontario included, Waterhouse Realty Group sure grew from their humble beginnings. This is because of their unnerving client service and best value delivered to both their buyer and seller clients. Through this, they also remained to strive for excellence with their board-certified agents and familiarity with the neighbourhood.

8. Brayden Brown

Brayden Brown is one of the most sought-after realtors in Stouffville, Ontario. His affiliation with a recognized realty group within Canada also helped him acquire the necessary skills and build credibility that solidified his career. Moreover, he also nurtured his eye for detail which helped him spot the best deals for his clients.

9. Kompass Realty Group

kompass realty group stouffville

Like a true compass for their clients, Kompass Realty Group works hard to provide assistance and guidance to their clients. They have a stunning website with excellent navigation options. Furthermore, clients can also search properties within your budget range which is definitely helpful for people working within a tight budget. They also help their clients and share real estate patterns and movements so they can make the best decision for them.

10. Sugar Team

Experts in the industry, Sugar Team uses their knowledge and experience to their client’s advantage. Whether for a buyer or seller, they make sure to set a goal for each client that helps them measure their success. After all, client satisfaction is their success too. No need to worry as well if you have limited knowledge about real estate because they’ll sure make the extra effort to guide you in making sound decisions that benefit you in the long run.

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