10 Best Real Estate Agents in London (Ontario)

Enjoy the best of both worlds by moving into London, Ontario. This town boasts of its life and buzz which people can appreciate. It’s a place that’s great for start-ups with its bustling downtown with promising economic scene. On the other hand, it also boasts of its quiet parks and neighbourhoods which make it ideal for true work-life balance. Here, we rounded up 10 Best Realtors in London (Ontario) to work with.

10 Best Realtors in London (Ontario)

1. The Price Real Estate Team

the price realtor in london ontario

Led by Owen Price, The Price Real Estate Team has impressively long experience in the real estate industry. He started learning and setting his roots in 1988. Through the years, he gained quite a reputation by providing excellent service to his clients and at the same time, he’s great at coming up with marketing plans and strategies which help him close valuable sales.

2. Devin Nadeau

Part of the top 1% of the best realtors in London, Ontario, Devin Nadeau is an amazing choice if you’re looking at selling your home or looking to purchase one. He ensures to deliver excellent customer service that helped him grow his reputation to one of London’s best. Furthermore, he grew up within this town so he can help you get a feel on where you should settle down that suits your lifestyle.

3. Oliver & Associates

oliver associates realtor in london ontario

Oliver & Associates sure got your back in your real estate journey in London, Ontario. They are always on top of their game, ensuring that they are updated on the latest trends and changes. This helps you as they can make recommendations so you can make decisions that align with your goals. No need to worry if you don’t have a background in the industry because they’ll go out of their way to ensure that you get the best value.

4. Dean Soufan

Claiming to be the gold standard in real estate, Dean Sufan sure does his best to provide impressive service for home buyers, sellers, and investors out there. Moreover, he has a wide roster of listings that you can choose from as he is onboarded with one of the realty groups recognized worldwide. With his eye for detail, you’re sure that you get the best value at the end of each deal.

5. Team Glasser Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

team glasser realtor in london ontario

What sets Team Glasser apart is how they take charge and cover more locations than just Brantford or other prime locations. As a proud home searchers, they ensure that all their clients get the property they desire at the best value. More than just this, they also focus on recommending whichever neighbourhood suits the client best. This can help them find a home that helps them achieve their goals in the long run.

6. Remax Advantage Realty

Remax Advantage Realty is one of the best realtors you can work with within London, Ontario. As part of the big names in the real estate industry within Canada, you are sure that you’re in good hands. They take pride in putting customers first while ensuring that they make the whole process of acquiring a new home or selling smoother especially for industry newbies.

7. Gunn Real Estate Group

gunn realtor london

If you’re looking for a realtor that has a full team to help you sell your home at the best value, Gunn Real Estate Group is someone you can check out. More than their salespeople who specialize in negotiation and customer service. Moreover, you can just leave it to their team as they can evaluate your home and offer it to their other clients too at the best value for both ends.

8. Santa Sells Houses

It’s always Christmas with Santa Sells Houses as they offer the best listings in London, Ontario and could help you go through the selection to find one that suits you. After all, a home is somewhere we live in not for a specific part of our lives but hopefully for the years to come. It’s important that in finding a home, the client can also realize that home can help with attaining dreams in the far future.

9. London Living Real Estate

london living realtor

London Living Real Estate sure is a reliable realty group that can aid you in your search for your dream house in London, Ontario. Since they are specializing in the city itself, they know best the areas that suit their clients’ lifestyles best. At the same time, they can also assist you in selling your home at the best value despite the competitive market nowadays.

10. Kim Mullan

Dedicated to providing quality service to her clients, Kim Mullan stepped up her game to ensure that she serve her clients best with whatever they intend to live their life. As an expert in the area and the business, she can help and guide you every step in the way to close the best suitable deal for her clients. With

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