10+ Real Estate Pop-By Ideas to Charm Your Clients & Boost Referrals

Ever wondered how to sprinkle a dash of charm on your client connections? Ready to take your client relationships from “transactional” to “totally awesome”?

We’ve cooked up a list of 10+ real estate pop-by ideas that will charm your clients and have them sing your praises to anyone who’ll listen. Whether it’s celebrating a closed deal, spreading holiday cheer, or just giving out good vibes, ‘just because,’ these pop-bys will keep your name on everyone’s lips.

1. Scented Candle 

Perfect for those clients who appreciate a touch of luxury and take pleasure in crafting a warm, inviting haven within their homes. Tailor the fragrance to their liking, ensuring a lasting impression that lights up both homes and referrals.

2. Jar of Honey 

Sweeten your client connections with a delightful jar of honey, a golden touch to make homes as sweet as success. Ideal for clients who cherish natural goodness and the warmth of a home-cooked touch, this gift adds a delicious twist to your client appreciation strategy.

3. Pie Server 

Versatile and timeless, the pie server is a kitchen essential that transcends trends, much like the lasting relationships you build with your clients. Its classic design and practicality make it a gift that keeps giving, just like the referrals you will receive in return.

4. Bottle Opener 

Pop open the door to lasting connections with a bottle opener, offering a sleek and practical touch that turns every moment into a celebration. Imagine your clients effortlessly cracking open a cold one, toasting to their home sweet home.

5. Jar of Jelly 

Why the jar of jelly? Because it’s a jar full of warmth, flavor, and appreciation, symbolising the sweet partnership you’ve cultivated. Your clients will indulge in a jelly jar’s rich, fruity goodness, and their homes will be filled with the aroma of delightful memories.

6. Condiments Collection

Want to spice up your client connections? A condiments collection adds a dash of charm to every home. It’s perfect for clients who appreciate the art of culinary exploration. From savoury to sweet, each condiment represents a unique flavor that mirrors the personalised touch you bring to their real estate experience.

7. S’more Kit 

S’more Kit is a delightful treat that turns every home into a cozy haven and moments into memories. This thoughtful gift is ideal for clients who relish the joy of sweet escapes. It can also be a reminder that in the journey of real estate, every small moment can be a reason to celebrate.

8. Banana Bread 

Warm their homes and hearts with delicious banana bread. Your clients will appreciate the comforting aroma of freshly baked memories. They’ll savour a slice of homemade banana bread and their homes will be filled with the delightful fragrance of warmth and gratitude.

9. Bottle of Wine 

Ever imagined your clients raising a glass of fine wine in the ambiance of their new space, toasting to the memories created and the journey ahead? That’s possible when you gift them a bottle of wine, a symbol of shared successes and the joy of making a house a home.

10. Popcorn Gift Basket

Do your clients enjoy the simple pleasures of movie nights and shared moments? A popcorn gift basket is a perfect gift for them. They’ll kick back and enjoy a movie night in their new home, with the irresistible aroma of buttery popcorn wafting through the air.

11. Hand Soap Dispenser 

Upgrade your client’s daily routine with a touch of luxury. A hand soap dispenser isn’t just a practical addition to their new home – it’s a stylish statement. Elevate their sink game, and every time they suds up, they’ll be reminded of the stellar service that got them into their dream home.

12. Gardening Trowel 

Elevate your clients’ green thumb game and add a touch of botanical charm to their new home. This handy trowel is not only for planting. It can also symbolise growth, just like the lasting relationships you’ve cultivated together.

13. Potted Plant 

Turn your client’s new house into a home with a touch of green magic. A carefully chosen potted plant delivers a decorative delight to the receiver. Every time they water, prune, or enjoy their leafy companion’s presence, they’ll spread the word about the exceptional service they received.

14. Tool Set 

Moving into a new space can be a whirlwind, but with this toolset, your clients can confidently tackle any household task. As they effortlessly hang curtains, assemble furniture, or handle those inevitable fixer-upper tasks, they’ll sing your praises to friends and family.

Each thoughtful gift symbolises the unique bond you share with your clients. Whether it’s a stylish hand soap dispenser, a sleek gardening trowel, or the ultimate tool set, these pop-by ideas can make a house feel like a home and make your clients feel valued and appreciated.


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