25 Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Tips to Bring in Qualified Buyers

The competition nowadays in any industry is tight that one must come up with fresh ideas to attract more audience. However, with this struggle in setting a setting foundation and staying relevant, closing deals for real estate agents became hard. Now with very limited resources, it’s recommended to come up with marketing ideas that brings result without much investment. We hear you! This is why we came up with 25 real estate marketing ideas & tips to bring in qualified buyers without much fuss on your end. Go through the list and choose which suits your brand best.

1. Create a website

Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Tips

Nothing outshines how essential a well-structured website is. It’s like your virtual calling card which establishes credibility with peop;e WordPress is an amazing platform to build your website and free templates. But if you want to level up your brand, work with reputable web design and development agencies such as Brand Glow Up. They worked with several brands and professionals over the years so they know how to craft a modern professional website that brings results.

2. Start a blog

If you’re into writing, starting a blog can help you appear more in search engines. Feel free to come up with informative blogs on topics buyers are typically interested in. Doing so can help you build your credibility and eventually be the resource person for anything related to the real estate.

3. Scale your social media presence

Since your website is already established, it’s also smart to work on building your social media presence. Update your Facebook and Instagram Pages with high-quality profile photos. Ensure your bio is also optimized for social media searches so you can reach more people looking for a real estate agent.

4. Build an email list

Since your social media pages and website are already established, this might be the perfect time to push a email list building strategy. This is so you don’t keep all eggs in one basket and these clients you’ve converted are sure warm traffic already that you can continue to nurture. Offer something irresistible such as free evaluation or discovery call.

5. Come up with video property tour

Real Estate Marketing home tour

Another avenue online to explore, YouTube can be a great platform for vlogs. You can explore informative vlogs that generally talk about how to purchase one’s dream home and more. Furthermore, you can also take videos of your available properties that interested buyers can check out and simplify the process.

6. Ask for previous client reviews

Building credibility also means you’re encouraging new potentials buyers to trust you. It’s important to also acknowledge that even at this point in time, word of mouth remains one of the most effective marketing strategies that you may employ. Get evaluations and feedbacks from your previous client that you can display online to further establish your career as a trusted realtor.

7. Take stunning photos and videos

This real estate marketing ideas & tips to bring in qualified buyer does not generally mean to hire professional photographers and videographers (but it’s great to consider hiring one – check out Bellamy Loft). But always remember that first impressions last and. For audience online, their attention span is short so you might want to hook them with stunning images of your property or well-lit videos.

8. Share client stories

People love reading other people’s success stories. With the permission of your clients, encourage them to share their humble beginnings and how they were able to buy their dream home. Tap on people from different walks of life and add a human touch to your content. This can help you easily build rapport and deepen connection with your audience for brand retention.

9. Come up with a referral program

While building your track record and nurturing relationships with your clients, you may take advantage of this and create a referral program. This can encourage your satisfied clients to advocate you to their connections further while also rewarding them for the effort. Don’t think twice because it’s surprising how you can saturate one’s network without much effort on your end.

10. Host or co-host a webinar

host a webinar

Another best way to increase your reach is to collaborate with content creators and host a webinar. Choose a topic most people are asking about real estate. You may tap different group of people and designate different topics relevant to each. This can help you reach more people and encourage them them to put their trust in you as their go-to realtor.

11. Start or guest in a podcast

Another real estate marketing ideas & tips to bring in qualified buyer that you can explore is guesting in a podcast. Doing so can help you tap new markets and audience from different walks of life. being in the realtor industry also means everyone can be your market. Work with people in different niche but we suggest real estate, finances, and career podcasts for optimum results.

12. Optimize website for mobile phones

At this point in time, most people use their mobile phones more than desktops. This shows how essential to optimize your website for mobile phones. Work with a trusted web designer to ensure that all is still well-structured and easy to navigate for the best buyer experience.

13. Prepare catchy email newsletters

With ample emails in your list already, you can prepare regular newsletters. Include regular real estate industry updates, new listings, and your small wins. Furthermore, you can also utilize this for announcements and invites for your upcoming activities and events.

14. Print attractive flyers and brochures

Something handy, you can partner with several spots for distribution of flyers and brochures. This can be helpful in pushing new listings and also expanding your network. You may invest on a graphic artist that can help you design account to your branding and ensure quality production of these material too.

15. Craft a remarkable business card

real estate business cards

Nothing beats a remarkable business card. This is one of the best real estate marketing ideas & tips to bring in qualified buyer that you should not skip. Check out amazing templates from Brand Glow Up for a modern and professional look that will sure impress your potential clients. Invest in a sturdy cardstock and ensure quality print.

16. Partner with local businesses

Build relationships with local businesses nearby. This can help you grow your network through sponsoring in their initiatives which can lead to a brand recall in the long run. Furthermore, you can also negotiate leaving few flyers or brochures their customers can fetch if interested.

17. Host open house events

Schedule once a moth open house events but take note of social protocols if applicable. Besides building your presence online, doing activities offline helps you to target localized potential buyers. Also, closing deals are also far more easier when done personally since social cues can easily be picked up and used as leverage to gain upper hand.

18. Consider virtual staging

Come up with stunning and well-designed virtual staging for a remarkable online experiential marketing strategy. This is helpful to minimize engagement but automatically doing the work for you. At the end of the day, this already filters out the buyers from lurkers which help you save more time.

19. Run boosted ads on social media

Reach more people on social media through boosted ads. Facebook and Instagram made it easier with Meta Business Suite. Also, take note also of how hashtags and and engagement works to maximize organic growth potential. Don’t forget to also explore the potential of LinkedIn in landing high-profile clients.

20. Invest in a professional real estate agent headshot

emblaze photography

More than you track record, the person behind the business matters for the buyers. This is where having a professional real estate agent headshot pays off. There are several photography studio that you can work with but there’s Emblaze Photography who takes stunning photos that stay authentic without going offbrand.

21. Build Google My Business profile

Often overlooked, building a Google My Business Profile puts you in an advantage. Having an updated profile increase your local searchability and recommendation opportunities for related queries. Moreover, clients also are inclined to trust you if you have more postive testimonials and reviews from your previous clients that they can see.

22. Leverage on Pinterest boards

Since you already have stunning photos, why not take advantage of Pinterest boards. You can work on interior staging and use these are content available in the platform for home and related topics. This hits two birds in one stone for brand awareness: interested buyers or people who are already interested in real estate.

23. Send over care packages for post client meetings

Show care to your clients and send over lovely care packages after your first meeting. Doing so helps you to leave a positive impression and an overview of how much you value their time. Moreover, this also helps build relationships that can be handy in the long run. After all, customer satisfaction matters at the end of the day.

24. Craft informative social media posts

Come up with thumbstopping and well-conceptualized social media posts that encourage engagement from your audience. In the long run, people generally would want to work with you since rapport and trust has already been established. At the same time, you can repurpose your blog content for social media and email newsletters to have a more cohesive strategy.

25. Create free resources for download

As an added value to your website, you can also come up with short and quick guides about real estate that people would be interested to download in. These can be used as part of your email list building strategy. Moreover, credibility also helps you get established with a posticive reputation in the long run.


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