25+ Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Marketing is no monkey business. You’ve got to be on top of everything to win your potential clients’ hearts. However, generating highly marketable ideas can be daunting, and they may not be that impactful for your target audience. That’s why this article is for you to generate more leads and close deals.

According to the study, 87% of buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker—this means tapping into 87% of buyers or sellers if you’re a realtor. By maximizing your presence, you can maximize your customer gain potential. But that’s easier said than done. 

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 25+ easy and highly actionable real estate marketing ideas below.

1.Create an easy to navigate real estate website

Create a straightforward website that you feel comfortable of. Here is one way you can create one.

2. Hire a copywriter.

A copywriter will turn words into leads and convince potential customers to buy from your business.

3. Ask for network referrals.

Most buyers prefer suggestions from their family and friends when buying properties.

4. Expand your network.

Expand as far as you can to reach more customers.

5. Create blog posts.

Buyers will search and read about what they’ll buy, so be sure to create informative blog posts. Here is one way you can start a real estate blog.

6. Create social media posts.

Creating social media posts will give you more leads. Make sure they’re of high quality and aesthetically edited. You can do this with Canva.

7. Hire a graphic designer or photo editor.

Lame designs and photos will make your audience’s eyes hurt, while good ones will get their attention.

8. Create organized real estate listings.

Ensure that you’re giving a good browsing experience and include all details and know-how in your listings.

9. Hire an SEO specialist.

An SEO specialist will rank your website, contents, profiles, and social media in Google search results.

10. Run paid ads on Instagram.

Instagram ads function as any other ad would. However, before doing so, identify first where most of your audience is or if you incorporate many visuals in your business. Here is a tutorial for you to get started.

11. Develop an email marketing campaign.

By far, email marketing is said to be 40 times more effective than social media. So set them up now. You can follow this comprehensive tutorial to get started.

12. Host free webinars for potential buyers.

Your potential buyers would want to know more about their queries and your business, so be sure to give free webinars. Here is how you can create a free webinar.

13. Collect and leverage testimonials.

Your testimonials will add credibility to your business, so collect and leverage all of them.

14. Create a professional business card.

A professional business card will give potential customers the impression that they have found the right realtor for them. To get you stared, here is the best tutorial from YouTube.

15. Establish your name in the neighborhood.

Being a known expert in the neighborhood’s real estate market is a lead generation itself.

16. Give free apparent gifts.

Give away free t-shirts, umbrellas, and keychains with your name and business brand on them.

17. Stay active on your social media accounts.

Constantly updating your social media accounts means you’re active in practice with updated listings. That said, people can easily talk to you about buying or selling their properties.

18. Establish your Zillow profile.

There are tons of buyers waiting on Zillow for you and your business. So be there for them. Here are some simple steps for you to create a profile.

19. Partner with local businesses.

Local businesses have local and international connections. They may also buy a property from you for their businesses.

20. Make video tutorials on how to choose a property.

Your potential customers will trust you quickly if you show them your expertise on properties. Here are essential steps for you to create instructional videos.

21. Run ads on YouTube.

YouTube ads are a great way to market your business, and you can reach more people with them. Here is a tutorial from YouTube to get you started.

22. Create a free phone consultation program.

Buyers are always curious, so be there to answer their queries.

23. Establish your Google Business Profile.

Potential customers can easily access your business if you have a Google Business profile. Here is a quick guide to set up your Google business profile to get you more deals.

24. Actively participate in local community events.

By participating in local community events, you can establish a presence for your business and name.

25. Be resourceful in marketing.

Make use of everything you have at hand to market your business.

26. Create and give business brochures to leads.

Your business brochures will display everything there is to know about your business. Here are some quick tips to create effective brochures.

27. Hire a skip tracer.

A skip tracer will get the contacts and information of your potential customers, making it easier for you to get leads and connections.

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