25+ Clever Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2022

Struggling with leads lately? Maybe you’ve been going in circles with real estate lead generation ideas and methods that don’t serve you well anymore.

Or maybe you want to do something about it, but are not sure which one works best. We understand you. That’s why we laid out these 25+ clever real estate lead generation ideas for 2022 that you can always apply to your venture. Save time on thinking and start reading now.

1. Google ads

Putting your business out there on the internet exposes you to a wide number of potential clients. With Google ads, your business will be flooded with high-quality leads. Here is a quick guide to creating effective Google ads.

2. Videos as a marketing tool

Real estate marketing videos produce more leads than ordinary ads because they’re easy to understand. Here are some real estate marketing video ideas for you to get started. 

3. Create your own real estate app

Creating an app is rare, but it can be worthwhile considering the tight competition.

4. LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads is a fantastic method to get your brand or company in front of a professional audience. Here is a quick video tutorial from YouTube to create winning LinkedIn ads.

5. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are one of the highest quality lead generators for every real estate agent. It’s easy to set up and also the cheapest. To get you started, here is a step-by-step guide to run an effective Facebook ad.

6. Master social media analytics

Whether it’s about LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google ads, if you don’t know how to read and utilize the analytics, it would be difficult.

7. A Community Page

A community page is also one of the most effective ways to get high-quality leads. It’s easy to set up and manage.

8. Send out cards and gifts to say thank you!

Classic ‘Thank you’ gift cards still stand out.

9. Retargeting

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that follows website visitors until they become paying clients.

10. Hosting open houses

Hosting open houses allows for more opportunities to sell the property in no time.

11. Visiting and repurposing expired listings

Even for expired listings, there are still interested buyers out there who might purchase the property.

12. Referrals

Nothing can beat referrals. However, before you can commit to this lead generation method, you must already be trusted and recognized in your niche.

13. Virtual tours 

Give your prospects a virtual tour by utilizing Instagram or Facebook Live. Here is an effective way to create virtual tours for real estate agents.

14. Blogging

If you want to share your thoughts on anything related to real estate, give value to your audience, and possibly rank higher in Google, blogging is the best way to do it. Here are some quick and easy steps to get started with real estate blogs.

15. Real estate lead generation websites

If you have your own real estate website, don’t limit your listings there either. Rather, utilize the leads you can get from other real estate lead generation websites like Zillow and Trulia that can generate about 80 million unique monthly visits.

16. Local SEO

Your clever real estate generation techniques aren’t complete without doing local SEO. Make sure to set up your GMB profile online and optimize your website. Here are some techniques to optimized your website.

17. Automated text messages

People prefer texting to calling, emailing, or filling out a form on your website, so automated text messages are effective, which are known to convert 600% of the time.

18. Live Chat

Live chats are there to support your business when you’re busy. It helps automate messaging and answer FAQs.

19. Pitch your listing to news outlets

While pitching your new listing to news outlets can be costly, it will nevertheless pay you with quality leads that are likely to convert.

20. Cold Calling

Despite the rise and popularity of social media and email, cold calling is still one of the best and most effective ways to pitch your sales directly.

21. Network more at non-real estate events

Networking with other people, such as entrepreneurs or startups outside of your field, can also bring you leads and referrals from others. Here are some effective real estate cold calling scripts to increase leads.

22. Optimized landing pages

Your landing page is the curb appeal of your website. Make sure that you capture your audience’s interest with just one look. Here are some clever real estate landing pages for you get inspiration with.

23. Putting a poster ad

This could be traditional but still works in many cases to increase your number of leads.

24. Host a first-time buyer’s seminar

Just like coaches that are about to sell their courses after giving you their free webinars, real estate agents should also make use of this strategy. By hosting first-time buyer seminars, you’re not only getting leads but also networking.

25. Drive more engagement with Instagram stories

Instagram stories are known to increase your number of followers and are an effective way for them to see more of your beautifully curated products. Here are some effective tips for using Instagram stories to sell your listing.

26. Try ranking articles on Google for luxury or historic listings 

Do the work to get on the first page of Google by writing a high-quality article about luxury or historic listings.

27. Establish expertise within real estate communities

When people see you as an expert in your field, you’re more likely to be invited to seminars and be consulted about real estate matters. Hence, never be afraid to share your knowledge and expertise with your audience.

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