10+ Best Real Estate Lawyers in Toronto in 2022

Seeking professional advice from reliable lawyers always makes every legal process easy and less of a worry. If you’re currently on the hunt of the best real estate lawyers in Toronto, then this could be your one-stop search.

Today, we’ve rounded up the top 10 best real estate lawyers in Toronto to give you the best assistance when it comes to legal procedures regarding selling your property, buying or investing.


Top 10 Real Estate Lawyers In Toronto


1. Jonathan Griffiths

Griffiths Professional Corporation was founded by Jonathan G. Griffiths. For his varied spectrum of customers, he has the skills and is an expert in navigating numerous legal difficulties. Since 1981, Griffiths Professional Corporation has provided legal services in real estate, wills, and estates in Toronto, Durham, and the surrounding areas. Their principal specialty is real estate law, with over 35,000 transactions completed. Griffiths Professional Corporation is skilled at resolving complex challenges in various legal fields, such as purchase and sale transactions, condominiums, and refinancing private and institutional mortgages.

best real estate lawyers in toronto

  • website: www.griffithslaw.com/
  • address: Don Mills & Eglinton 18 Wynford Drive, Suite 710 Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3S2

2. John Zinati

At Zinati Kay Barristers & Solicitors, John Zinati is a seasoned lawyer. He primarily practices real estate law and has finalized over 21,000 real estate transactions without a title claim in the last 20 years. Zinati Kay Barristers & Solicitors is a well-known law company in Toronto, Ontario. They make every effort to complete transactions for their clients as promptly and effectively as feasible.

Their main areas of specialty include selling and buying your home, mortgage refinancing, title insurance, utilities, signing Documents, keys, assignments, and condo, and home review services, among others.

John Zinati best real estate lawyer in toronto

3 Gangani Lawyers

Gangani Lawyers LLP has been operating since 2016. Al is currently the head of the Residential Real Estate Department, while Almehtaab (Ali) Gangani is the head of the Corporate Law Department. They have a cumulative legal experience of over 20 years. Gangani Lawyers LLP is a law firm that specializes in real estate and business closings in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

They’re the best when it comes to the sale and purchase of residential property, corporate and commercial real estate matters, and share and asset purchase or sales.

Gangani Lawyers

  • website: ganganilaw.com/real-estate
  • address: 80 Nashdene Road Units 120 (ground level), 232 and 233 (upper level) – Building F

4. Bob Aaron

Bob Aaron is a lawyer in the Toronto region who focuses on residential and commercial real estate law, as well as landlord-tenant, commercial law, wills and estates, and corporate and business law. In addition, they also offer general legal guidance.

Bob Aaron real estate lawyer

  • website: www.aaron.ca/
  • address: 10 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C3

5. Eran Gevantschniter

Eran Gevantschniter has over 15 years of experience in real estate transactions providing almost every legal transaction assistance. His firm specializes in the following:

  • Refinancing your home
  • Selling your home
  • Buying your home
  • Title insurance
  • Buying a commercial property
  • Assignments for the assignee and assignor
  • Selling your commercial property 
  • Private mortgages

Eran Gevantschniter real estate lawyer in toronto

  • website: eranlaw.com/
  • address: 1 Dundas St. West., Suite 2500, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3, CA

6. McLaughlin Law Group

First-time buyers, businesses, lenders, and investors are among the clients of experienced Toronto real estate lawyers of McLaughlin Law Group. Their other specialized fields also include the following: private mortgages, bank refinances, commercial leases, landlord or tenant law, liens, and notary public services.

McLaughlin Law Group real estate lawyer in toronto

  • website: www.jrmlaw.ca/
  • address: 1400-10 King St. E, Toronto ON M5C 1C3

7. Baker & Company

Baker & Company is a law firm run by a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers. Their lawyers will guide you through all of the legal paperwork regarding real estate transactions. It’s a team-based law business, which makes senior lawyers more accessible to clients with questions.

Baker & Company’s experienced lawyers are also in charge of devising a custom-made strategic solution for each client. The idea is handed on to the junior lawyer team, who are then in charge of the documentation, which is completed by the highly skilled law clerks. This methodology aids in the development of more cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Baker & Company law firm

  • website: bakerlawyers.com/
  • address: 130 Adelaide Street West, Suite 3300 Toronto, Ontario, CA

8. Axess Law

Axess Law has offices in Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, and Vaughan to provide you with convenient and economic real estate lawyer services. The Mississauga and Scarborough sites are inside Walmart shops. You have the option of legalizing your documents online or in person at one of their convenient GTA locations. Axess Law is an accredited legal service by the Law Society of Ontario, with over 100,000 pleased clients.

They offer almost every other real estate legal assistance, such as buying and selling, mortgage refinances, transfer of title, survivorship, and independent legal advice.

Axess Law real estate lawyer in toronto

  • website: www.axesslaw.com/
  • address: 439 University Avenue, Suite 2210, Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8

9. Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP

Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP is a global network of law firms dedicated to facilitating real estate transactions at the most affordable prices. The real estate market, as well as business and commercial regulations, are their areas of competence. This law firm has good links with real estate brokers, private and institutional lenders, and a variety of other professionals who can help you out when you need it.

Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP

  • website: realestatelawyers.ca/
  • address: 2 Bloor Street East: Suite 3500 (Yonge & Bloor) Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8

10. MB Law

With expertise, ethics, and a customer-centered approach, MB Law has provided the highest standard of legal services. We admire how their attorneys go above and beyond to ensure that real estate and commercial transactions run smoothly.

Their expertise involves mortgage refinance, title transfers, incorporation lease review, joint venture, and private mortgages.


MB Law real estate lawyer in toronto

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