10+ Easy & Actionable Real Estate Email Marketing Tips for 2022

According to the latest data, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return on investment (ROI) is $36. 

If you aren’t still convinced about the effectiveness of email marketing, perhaps, this article will help change your mind. Or maybe, you’ve already started but couldn’t get the things done right. Buckle up because you’re about to be swamped with the secret of email marketing to grow your real estate business.


Top 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2022

1. Create a Lead Magnet

Since you’ve already leveled up to email marketing, we’ve assumed you already have a website. A lead magnet will entice individuals to give up their email addresses for special information (like a guide-to-book, templates, or a simple blog). For people looking at specific listings, you may, for example, provide a neighborhood guide.

Encourage them to offer their email address with a clear call to action. Then, in exchange, your website visitors can fill out a form. Then that’s checkmate — you have a list of real audiences now, which is highly likely to convert.

Here is a quick guide to creating an effective lead magnet to increase your sales.

Lead Magnet real estate email marketing tips
Source: GetUplift


2. Send emails regularly

Sending emails regularly doesn’t mean like every day, every two days, three days, or whatever. It simply means you should have a specific timeline to follow every time you send an email. Don’t just shoot your audience an email out of nowhere or whenever you feel like to. Engagement and getting your email list in the loop will make it easy for you to convert leads into paying customers.

You could send weekly emails with substance in it and update them about your current offers or hottest listing in the neighborhood with reference to the previous emails. Invest in your email sequence, and make it unique, personalized, and sweet. You can also get a copywriter to write it for you. Remember, you’re not only selling here. You’re building relationships.

3. Present an actionable and hard-to-ignore call to action

Of course, every marketing effort you’ve made will all be in vain without the appropriate call-to-action. At the end of every sweet talk, there has to be something that you’d like to happen. What do you want your customers to do? Do you want them to contact you? Inquire about your service?

Call to action are those buttons that go like “I’m in,” “Sign up now” “Inquire now,” and the like. It must be relevant, easy to understand, and convincing before they swipe their cards.

call to action real estate marketing tips

4. Ensure your email marketing campaigns remain relevant

While real estate market reports can sound very interesting to interested people, they may not be likely to open them if it all sounds the same and too general. Therefore, the secret to staying relevant is through segmentation.

With email segmentation, you define which contacts will receive different email campaigns when you segment your email list. This lets you send personalized emails to everyone on your contact list, including potential buyers, sellers, prior buyer clients, previous sellers, and new homeowners.

5. Educate and entertain your audience

Here in this tip, we should have what is called “giving value.” What’s in it for your audience? Are they getting something important from your email without offering to buy some property? Email marketing doesn’t have to mean “sales,” sometimes, you nurture relationships to get the audience constantly in the loop. Educate them, entertain them, and give them value.

6. Include testimonials

According to BigCommerce, online testimonials and reviews are trusted by 88% of consumers as much as recommendations from friends and family. That means people are likely to buy from you or ask for your help if they see good things about you. So, don’t hesitate to display those reviews and testimonials from past clients. It’s your badge of credibility and awesome work!

testimonials real estate marketing tips
Source: IDX Central

7. Be personable

Approach your audience with a human touch. Encourage them to interact with you if they have questions. The message must suit their current needs and concerns when you send an email. In other words, don’t talk like a robot and don’t treat your audience as such.

8. Combine emails with additional marketing channels

In investing, they have this popular phrase, “don’t put your eggs in one basket.” Likewise, don’t put all of your effort into email marketing. Combine it with additional marketing channels instead to make it more powerful, like social media, content marketing, or text messaging. The more active you are out there, the more engagement and leads you’re going to get.

9. Strong and personalized subject lines

Subject lines are the first thing people see. Make it eye-catching and sparks curiosity so your audience doesn’t have a choice but to open your email. Stay out of generic subject lines like “New offer,” “Special gift for you,” or “Hottest-listing.” Create something out of the ordinary while staying relevant and keeping the spam email rules in mind.

10. Be visual

Infographics about the market data or an irresistible picture of that new neighborhood listing will do it! There should be a balance between text and graphics. If you’re not too keen on graphics, Canva is the best place to go.

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