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25+ Fun Real Estate Branding Name Ideas

A good name is also an investment. It’s going to be your company’s brand that you will have to carry for as long as your business exists. Your brand name will also be the first thing your clients or customers will notice and remember.

However, coming up with a good name is often difficult or brain-numbing. But the good news is that we don’t want you to experience that. To make your life easier, we have some ideas for you to get started with and some ready-made brand names for you.

Read on and be enlightened.

Some Ideas to Get Started

  • Combining names of partners (if applicable): Combining names works best for partners. One of the most famous name combination examples is Williams & Williams. It’s the family name for Rayni and Brandon Williams, husband, and wife. Based on their amazing sales record of over $780 million in 2019 and a career comprising over $9 billion in sales, they have been named L.A.’s highest-performing real estate team.
  • Something you love: You can also name your company to something you love. It could be a place, a certain plant or tree, a pet, a movie, music, food, anything.
  • First name or family name: Some people don’t want to complicate things and name their companies after their first names or family names instead.
  • Something unique and intriguing: Some people just want to be unique and don’t go for common names. By that, it means inventing words or weaving words together to come up with something nice and different. It could be “The GodFather’s Dungeon,” or “House of Max.” Just tell your brain cells to be creative.

Branding Names Inspirations and Ideas For You

  1. Housey House Realty
  2. Name 1 & Name 2 Buds
  3. Only House Realty
  4. H for Homes
  5. Ellipse Homes and Property
  6. Golden Wind Realty
  7. Got It For U Homes
  8. Homes for Homies
  9. Familia de Casa Realty
  10. Umbrella Homes
  11. Home for the best
  12. Settle with Name
  13. Blue Butterfly Home
  14. Great House
  15.  Call me to Sell It
  16. House Hustlers
  17. Making Comfortable Loft For You
  18. Summer Realty Inc.
  19. Seaside Property Homes
  20. Jewel Crown Property LLC
  21. The Right Fit Homes
  22. Home Finder Property Inc
  23. Downtown Property Inc.
  24. Do It With Name Realty
  25. Home Finder’s Club
  26. Fortune Home Bay Inc.
  27. Sit Tight and We Find
  28.  Luxury Finds Realty

The Bottom Line

Whatever name it is that you choose to name your brand, be sure that it communicates with your audience and potential clients. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest or most unique, considering the time it also takes to think of that name. Also, if you have something you like from the list, just let us know in the comment section.

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