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10 Best Real Estate Branding Agencies In Toronto

Need help with branding? We’ve got some awesome recommendations for you to get started. Jumpstart your business online by getting help from reputable real estate branding agencies in Toronto. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes and in whatever industry find the market flooded with competition. That means, aside from your premium real estate services to offer to clients, you will need a branding expert to put you on top of your thousands of competitors. Today, we’ve rounded up the top 10 best real estate branding agencies in Toronto, CA.

10 Best Real Estate Branding Agencies In Toronto

1. Scale Up Agent

Scale Up Agent

Scale Up Agent is ready to assist you by enabling real estate agents to enter the field and launch their careers. They provide digital marketing services that help new and existing brands that have been around for a while but are trying to increase their service offerings. They can certainly assist you in maximizing your reach without spending a lot of money on your end, thanks to their excellent and current real estate marketing knowledge.

website: www.scaledistrict.com/

address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, #4, North York, ON M3K1Z9

2. BrandLume

BrandLume offers comprehensive branding services to assist you in creating or refining your brand identity and standing out in today’s crowded market. Aside from branding, they also provide almost any digital marketing service, perfect for real estate agents.

website: brandlume.com

address: 91 Oxford St, Toronto, ON M5T 1P2

3. Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is one of the leading full-service real estate branding agencies that cater to a wide range of clients from different industries, including real estate. Industry-leading solutions are what Social Media 55 is committed to offering to support the expansion of your company. Some of their top-notch services include branding, graphic design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and website design.

website: socialmedia55.com

address: 130 King St W Suite 1800, Toronto, ON M5X 1E3, Canada

4. Varga Girl Design

Varga Girl Design is your go-to branding agency for a complete creative process without the high agency pricing or protracted timescales. Whether it’s made from scratch with a brilliant concept or a new one, you will need a visual identity to back it up. Their agency has already won many awards, such as the 2021 Top Canadian B2B Design Firm and the number 1 Design agency in Toronto and Canada.

website: www.vargagirldesign.com

address: Toronto, Canada

5. Brand Glow Up

This full-service digital marketing firm is unquestionably well-known for assisting numerous businesses and realtors in expanding their operations online. Your conversion rate will undoubtedly increase significantly with its innovative site design team working to create a one-of-a-kind digital environment where your consumers can connect and search for real estate investment options.

website: www.brandglowup.com

address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W #4, Toronto, ON M3K1Z9

6. Veza Digital

Veza Digital’s area of expertise is digital marketing, which helps its clients establish a strong online presence for their company. Real estate agents can get web design services built on a solid information architecture that attracts visitors to their websites. A custom development team at Veza Digital can enhance the functionality of your website so you can promote your real estate services there.

website: www.vezadigital.com

address: 100 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5J 1V6, Canada

7. Ryan Design International

This Toronto marketing company promotes branding services to the real estate sector. It uses digital to assist realtors in selling homes online using the most suitable internet marketing strategy. The company’s experts may create geo-targeted material and employ analytics to comprehend your target audience and possible clients, increasing its conversion rate.

website: ryan-design.com

address: 100 Sunrise Ave, Suite 111 Toronto, ON M4A 1B3

8. Major Tom

Another real estate branding company that provides full-service digital marketing and branding is Major Tom. They can take your brand to new heights with a blend of strategy and tactical execution. Well-known brands like 7-Eleven, Fairmont, and Criteol, including the real estate industry, also have confidence in this agency.

website: www.majortom.com

address: Toronto, Canada

9. Rayvn Design

Rayvn Design is a small brand strategy and design firm headquartered in Toronto. They assist new businesses and blossoming brands in providing a premium branding experience that will draw in high-end customers.

website: www.rayvn.io

address: Toronto, Canada

10. Func.media

A full-service digital marketing company, func.media focuses on maximizing conversion and ROI, particularly using digital platforms and guerrilla marketing techniques to surpass client expectations. Content generation, digital strategy, branding, social media management, ad management, website building, and other essential services are their top-notch services.

website: www.func.media

address: 60 Atlantic Ave. Toronto, m6k1x9

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