10+ Most Popular Real Estate Automation Tools for 2022

Being a real estate agent is not as easy as it seems. Because you represent your business, you must be patient and know how to manage your time effectively. It may be challenging to keep up with many marketing, social media, contract, and negotiating strategies. As a result, it’s impressive that automation tools and software exists.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Automation Tools?

As a real estate agent, employing some automation tools may make your life easier and more enjoyable since these technologies can help you manage your time and provide more efficient and trustworthy service.

The following are 10 of the most popular real estate automation tools today.

1. Spacio

You may use Spacio to generate new leads or potential customers. It helps agents by categorizing, informing, and facilitating communication with leads.

Spacio may also be integrated with various CRM and marketing systems, allowing you to guarantee that all of the information or leads you gather are immediately imported.

2. Agent Legend

With the help of Agent Legend, you can automate the creation of customized follow-up communications. Your lead engagements will be boosted and initiated by this software.

Agent Legend may help you save time by concentrating only on attracting new consumers. It can also keep track of your statistics and provide you with an overall picture of how well you’re doing.

3. Zurple

Zurple is a go-to tool for real estate brokers for automating everyday chores. It may generate more leads, track your leads’ activities, and assist you in developing contacts with future clients.

Because of Zurple’s precise use of the customer’s information, real estate agents may focus on converting leads into potential consumers.

4. Zillow Premier Agent

With the support of Zillow Premier Agent, you’ll be able to rapidly interact with buyers and help them locate the ideal property. In addition, you may use this feature to make a customized house suggestion from inside the app. You can use this tool to communicate with your customers allowing you to be more genuine and strengthening your business connection.

Zillow Premier Agent can help you earn a return on your leads and build a relationship with them in the real estate industry.

5. Autopilot (now ortto)

Autopilot is the most complete piece of real estate automation software, making it a must-have. Using the Autopilot, you can send your email to subscribers in multiple time zones and have it grow up and nurture your contacts with the most awesome content.

6. ReboGateway

Most real estate agents rely on ReboGateway for their backend automation needs. Marketing tools and complex capabilities are available in this automation platform, which might assist your real estate firm to create more leads.

7. Parserr

Automated lead data extraction is made possible by Parserr, a powerful automation tool. Extraction of data from your reports and invoices is also possible.

8. Jotform

Jotform can help real estate agents with a variety of tasks. The data you acquire with this program will also improve your leads and property management. Some of the features that make this helpful software include an autoresponder, e-signature for contracts, and Google Sheets integration.

9. Dotloop

One of the most comprehensive automation tools, it allows the real estate agent to edit the forms, share the files, and e-sign conveniently. Dotloop also provides real-time notification features in any deal change status.

10. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular business automation tool; it is beneficial in the real estate industry since it is compatible with most CRM software. Prospects will only see their choices depending on their compatibility, and it may provide a segmented mailing list, campaign planning, and email personalization.

In Conclusion

Real estate automation tools save real estate agents money and time. Using bots to automate human operations can boost productivity, simplify processes, and enhance customer service. Every real estate agent should take this step to expand their business.

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