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10+ Best Real Estate Appraisers in Toronto

One of the most common issues encountered by real estate buyers and sellers is their lack of knowledge in determining the actual value of a property. To help you with this, there are many appraisers in Toronto that you can work with and ensure you get the best value possible before closing the deal. Here, we listed 10+ Best Real Estate Appraisers in Toronto that you check out and see if you’re a perfect fit.

10+ Best Real Estate Appraisers in Toronto

1. Janterra

Janterra Real Estate Appraisers in Toronto

Helping you to ensure that you get the best value whether you’re buying or selling, Janterra got your back. The team is up to date on the current real estate trends which adds to their already impressive good standing since 2003. Furthermore, they have an elaborate team of appraisers depending on what you need. Not only covering residential bookings, but they are also knowledgeable enough to take on commercial spaces too.

  • website: www.janterra.com/
  • address: 1526 Danforth Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4J 1N4 Canada

2. Aedis Appraisals

Aedis Appraisals is one of the best appraisers you can get in touch with within Toronto. Moreover, they also have a transparent set of criteria for appraising a property. This allows their clients to understand best what can do best in maximizing investment or profit. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, their best practices can help you maximize a property’s potential. They also have free tips in appraising you can read and learn from on their website.

3. Appraisal Hub

Appraisal Hub Real Estate Appraisers in Toronto

Specializing in more than just residential homes, Appraisal Hub goes beyond to ensure you get the maximum potential in buying or selling a property. They accept bookings for appraising commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other properties open for sale. Their expertise allows them to set a different standard for each and explore various factors to close the best deal for the client.

4. Barry lebow

Barry Lebow helps clients get started in terms of purchasing their dream home and ensuring what they’re investing in is aligned with the industry standards. Moreover, he also accepts realtors who ask for his expertise in setting and realizing a property’s value. This is so he can align the actual value versus the seller’s preferred market price. His 50 years of experience sure allow him to see things more critically and allow honest dealings between the two.

  • website: barrylebow.com/
  • address: 1739 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada M4G 3C1

5. Home Value Inc

Home Value Real Estate Appraisers in Toronto

Helping you get fast and accurate quotations, Home Value Inc has helped many clients within the city. They serve mainly residential properties within the Greater Toronto Area for proud 10+ years. This allowed them to also expand their service offerings to also include estate settlements, marital dissolution, and more.

6. PV Realty Advisors

PV Realty Advisors is another top of mind real estate appraiser in Toronto that you can book. Committing to adhering to the set guidelines of the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, they ensure to deliver honest-to-goodness appraisal of commercial properties. This helps both buyers and sellers in ensuring that both get the best deal possible.

7. York Appraisal Simcoe Corporation

York Appraisal Simcoe Corp

A diversified team that boasts of their 25 years of experience and knowledge in the real estate industry, York Appraisal Simcoe Corporation is a diversified team that can also help you get the best offer confidently and with ease. They worked with various clients in the past which helped the business grow further through referrals.

  • website: www.ysac.ca/
  • address: 16600 Bayview Avenue, Suite 206 New Market, Ontario L3X 1Z9

8. Jani Real Estate Inc

Jani Real Estate Inc is one of the best real estate appraisers in Toronto and nearby cities. Not only in appraising, but they are also experts in research and consultation for either the residential or commercial aspects of real estate.  Since they are also certified by the Premier Banks and Financial Institutions of Canada, their reports and quotations are acknowledged anywhere in Canada.

  • website: janirea.com/
  • address: 80 Nashdene Rd, Scarborough, ON M1V 5E4, Canada

9. Reliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal

True experts in the real estate industry, Reliable Appraisal is here to help you with whatever you need as a buyer or seller. Besides appraising, they also have mortgage payment computation, asset divisions, and other related services to appraising. Not only limited to Toronto, but they also expanded their service to nearby cities as well.

10. Ontario Appraisal

The Ontario Appraisal is established in 1973 and continued to grace the industry up until now. Their legacy stays true as their team is up to date on the latest industry trends, allowing appraisal that is not only accurate but also meticulously checked. Furthermore, their services are not only limited to residential properties but open for commercial, industrial and income-producing real estate too

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