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Real Estate Agent Headshots: An Insider’s Tips from 15 Experts

Surely, an image is worth a thousand words, and your professional headshot could be worth millions. A first impression is very important and, believe it or not, a simple photograph can already give your audience an idea of your personality.

So, ace your next photoshoot by taking inspiration from some of the industry’s best and expert photographers.


1. Have your photographer take pictures in local settings

Lauryn Dempsey

Lauryn Dempsey is a real estate broker of record at Your Castle Real Estate.  She advises having a great collection of studio images since it is useful in many scenarios, and if you have the opportunity to shoot photographs outside of the studio, take them.

She also recommends that agents take more headshots at local landmarks. She performed hers in the city’s historic Union Station, as a local Coloradan. She claims she wants to show her customers that she is a local by visiting and photographing locations that they are familiar with.


2. Always choose high-resolution photos

Susan and Alison of Susan Newberry Designs real estate agent headshots

Susan and Alison of Susan Newberry Designs advise putting your headshot on your website, printed materials, or real estate profile. Susan and Alison believe that having high-resolution versions is still vital since you never know when you’ll need a headshot for print advertising and that low-resolution photographs may seem sloppy and hazy.


3. Avoid posing with accessories

Yasmin Leonard

Yasmin Leonard, the owner of Yasmin Leonard Photography, says it’s not uncommon to see photos of real estate salespeople working on their phones or computers. She said that this is a regular setup when they want a snapshot showing them working in their normal workplace.

However, according to Yasmin, technology often does not look good in images and detracts from the topic of the headshot, which should be you. She says it might also imply that you spend too much time looking at technology rather than making relationships.


4. Get many different headshots, so you may use them for other things

Sammer Affridi

Sammer Affridi is the proprietor of Hero Shot and a skilled photographer, and he recommends getting a professional headshot to use in all of your advertising materials.

One way of doing this is through a basic backdrop if your image will be shown as a thumbnail on a website or printed on a business card so that your subject stands out against the background.

Sammer Affridi also suggests that real estate agents should have their images shot in natural settings for marketing materials such as flyers and social media accounts. Whereas, photographs used for magazine covers or inserts should project a sense of success, self-assurance, and dependability.


5. Put on something that makes you feel beautiful and capable

Jackie Taves

Jackie Taves, the owner of Blush & Design and its in-house photographer, advises wearing something that makes you feel attractive. She adds that you can take solace in the fact that most participants in this venture will learn as they go and that you should not be hesitant to seek help. If you employ a professional photographer, they will know how to produce the best results.

Moreover, she also suggests dressing professionally yet feeling at ease by wearing loose and well-fitting clothing. Jackie adds that if you are continuously worried about a wardrobe malfunction, it will be difficult to keep a professional tone while smiling.


6. Always Present a Professional Headshot

Shaunda Necole real estate agent headshots

According to Shaunda Necole, a Realtor and business coach, beautiful headshots are vital for women in business, particularly in the competitive real estate market and beyond. She goes on to say that placement is everything and that your headshot should function as your digital calling card, with professional photographs utilized regularly across your online accounts, bios, and business cards.


7. Look at real estate agent headshots online and take note of the things you like

Kat Kaye real estate agent headshots

Kat Kaye, a professional photographer and the owner of Kat Kaye Studio, emphasizes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She claims that stealing a picture from another agency is frequently the quickest way to acquire a good one.

Besides that, look at photos of other real estate agents and take note and incorporate it in your photo as well. So that once you’re up for a photoshoot, you’ll be able to tell the photographer precisely how you want it to get done. It’s also a wonderful strategy for perfecting your posture.


8. Choose solid colors as opposed to busy patterns

Kiah Treece real estate agent headshots

According to Kiah Treece, Forbes’ Chief Business & Real Estate Analyst, distracting patterns and hues are the ones that visually distract individuals. Therefore, she suggests that the emphasis of your headshot should be on you, not your attire. In addition, she also believes that classic hues like navy blue, grey, or charcoal on a well-cut men’s or woman’s suit are always appropriate.


9. Before the shoot, get in a few practice rounds with a friend or co-worker

Chris Linsell

Chris Linsell, a Senior Real Estate Writer and Coach, believes that practice makes perfect, particularly when it comes to excellent headshots. He recommends having a coworker photograph you in your ideal attire and makeup before the big day. He adds that although your amateur images may not be as good as those of experts, you may still enjoy playing with different expressions and positions.


10. Don’t buy a snapshot; invest in a professional one

Michael Grecco

Michael Grecco is the proprietor of Michael Grecco Photography and a photojournalist. He recommends hiring a professional photographer to guarantee you get the desired results you deserve. To get the best shot possible, hire a professional to direct the whole session, so you may be taught how to strike the most amazing poses and advised on what to wear.


11. Get the right attire

Michael Kelczewski

Michael Kelczewski is a Sothebys Realty professional photographer. When picking what to wear for your realtor headshot, Michael advises considering your ideal client’s first impression of you. He believes that residential real estate agents should dress more casually than their corporate colleagues, who wear suits and ties. He adds that dressing for your target audience might help you feel more confident.


12. Communicate your goals for the shoot to the photographer

Chantay Bridges

Chantay Bridges is a Top Agent of Los Angeles Real Estate Now. Before entering the studio, Chantay advises young realtors to ensure that the photographer has a plan in place to meet and exceed expectations. She always contacts her photographer a week before the session to smooth out any problems in the shoot.


13. Drink up before the photo shoot

Andrew Helling

According to Andrew Helling, the editor of REthority.com, most people are not accustomed to being on camera. To prevent exposing anxiety or worry in your headshot, Andrew recommends relaxing with a glass of wine or drink. If you’re scared in front of the camera, he suggests taking a drink and just settling down so that smiling and relaxing become easy.


14. Experiment with a wide variety of styles

Kayla Slade-Bowers real estate agent headshots

Kayla Slade Bowers, a Licensed Real Estate Professional, believes that a head-and-shoulders image is the best all-around marketing shot you can have. Kayla advises making the most of the session by taking additional photographs for future marketing and branding initiatives. She suggests inquiring with your photographer about the possibilities of obtaining full-body shots, transferring the session to a different location, and changing your attire.


15. Your profile picture shouldn’t be a group photograph

Morris Raney Real Estate Team

The Morris Raney Real Estate Team believes that your headshot should not include your family, lifestyle, or pets, even if they are an important part of your real estate brand. Instead, The Team suggests that you use Christmas cards to show off your family and that you publish photos of the animal you took to the exhibition on social media.

They further added that since you are a member of a real estate team, you are exempt from this rule. They propose hiring a professional photographer to capture individual headshots and a group photograph.

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