10+ Open House Apps to Help You Get More Leads

Do you want to supercharge your open house game and turn those property showings into a brand-building, lead-generating extravaganza? Hosting an open house will help expedite home sales and boost your brand. But here’s the deal: great opportunities come with significant responsibilities, and prepping for these events can be a whirlwind. That’s where open house apps swoop in as your ultimate sidekick, making the process not just manageable but downright impressive.

After some serious legwork, evaluating pricing, features, customer reviews, and user-friendliness, we’ve curated the best 10+ open house apps to revolutionise how you handle events and get more leads.

1. Open Home Pro 

Pricing: Free or $20/month

Trusted by over 90,000 agents, Open Home Pro is one of the pioneers in open-house sign-in apps. It is your personalised toolkit for making open houses easier, more organised, and ripe for generating those valuable leads. The free plan lets you digitally sign in guests at unlimited open houses, but it’s limited to viewing only 25 guests. Upgrade to the Open Home Pro plan to get the power to track all your guests seamlessly.

2. Curb Hero 

via curbhe.ro 

Pricing: Free

Curb Hero, the go-to open house sign-in app, is winning the hearts of agents everywhere. It’s 100% free for agents (no monthly fees, no strings attached). It brings the style with branded templates for major brokerages like Compass, Keller Williams, and Century 21. Plus, your open house guests can breeze through sign-in by scanning a QR code on their phones – no more typing onto an iPad.

3. Spacio

via spac.io 

Pricing: Starts at $25/month

Spacio is not just an open house sign-in app; it helps with lead capture, listing marketing, and seamless lead follow-up. You can think of it as a sleek CRM tailored specifically for listings. It goes beyond the basics, gathering social media intel on your open house guests, automating email follow-ups, and providing customisable seller reports.

4. OnSpot Social 

Pricing: Starts at $35/device/month

Meet OnSpot Social, the go-to for a premium sign-in experience winning hearts across small businesses. And yes, real estate agents, this one’s for you also. You can do more than collect leads. This app lets you instantly send lead magnets to prospects, making that first interaction unforgettable. Visitors can sign into your open house, connect with you on social media, and subscribe to your email newsletter—all in one seamless spot.

5. NeighborhoodScout 

Pricing: Starts at $30/report or $125/month for 5 reports

Looking to impress your open house visitors with unmatched neighborhood knowledge? Say hello to NeighborhoodScout, a comprehensive search engine that unveils hyper-localised profiles and detailed neighborhood reports. Its vast database utilises over 600 characteristics, such as school quality, housing costs, crime rates, income levels, and more, to craft accurate neighborhood profiles.

6. Calendly 

Pricing: Free or starts at $8/month

Calendly is a top-tier open house app for realtors with standout features designed to elevate your business. It boasts robust CRM capabilities, email marketing, and lead generation tools that seamlessly transform visitors into leads, giving your business the boost it deserves. Also, it brings data analytics and automated follow-ups to the table, ensuring effortless engagement with prospective buyers.

7. Showable 

Pricing: Starts at $49/month

Packed with CRM, appointment scheduling, email marketing, and lead generation tools, Showable will help you generate more leads and maximise success. Data analytics, unlimited open house listings, and automated seller reports provide agents with invaluable insights to make informed decisions about their open house events. Also, it takes virtual tours to the next level with automation and email follow-ups to keep your leads engaged.

8. Open House Wizard 

Pricing: Starts at $18/3 members/month

For agents seeking a top-notch open house experience, Open House Wizard is the answer. This app takes lead generation to the next level by boasting automated follow-up messages that shower visitors with welcome emails and additional house photos. Also, CRM tools, email marketing, and lead generation tools seamlessly come together to help agents host successful open houses that generate quality leads.

9. Slybroadcast 

Pricing: Starts at $8/month

When reaching potential leads, a friendly voicemail trump email or text any day. Slybroadcast offers an affordable solution to draw prospects around your listing, enticing curious neighbors to join your open house.

10. Houzz View in Home 

Pricing: Free

Houzz View in Home is a standout feature of the Houzz app that brings augmented reality to real estate. With this tool, agents can select furniture, tiles, and more to preview how it will look in a room, helping clients visualise their perfect space. It allows you to show your open house guests to preview couches, tables, chairs, beds, and more from Houzz’s extensive selection of products. It levels up your open house game with a touch of augmented reality.

11. Kagent 

Pricing: Free or $25/month

Kagent is a super-easy-to-use open house sign-in app designed to streamline and enhance your visitor’s experience. With Kagent, you can effortlessly generate a QR code that directs visitors to a sign-in page, complete with a tempting reason to do so. The app’s streamlined design, quick surveys, and QR code generation make open houses a breeze.

Hosting an open house offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, capture new leads, and engage potential new clients. But open houses require you to do a lot of work quickly, which can make the day a little chaotic. Fortunately, today’s open house apps not only help you avoid smudged names and phone numbers, but they can help you drive more traffic and, ultimately, get more leads.


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