How to Perfectly Stage Your Toronto Home for Photos and Videos

Want to know how to perfectly stage your Toronto home for photos and videos? So, you’re about to put your Toronto home on the market and want to ensure it looks irresistible in photos and videos. We get it – selling your place is a big deal, and with everyone scrolling through listings online, those visuals need to pop. Let’s dive into some practical tips!

1. Declutter and Depersonalize Like a Pro

First things first – decluttering is not just a trend. It’s a necessity. Sure, your collection of quirky fridge magnets might be cool, but potential buyers want to envision their own quirky style, not yours.

Tips for staging your home:

  • Remove personal items like family photos and knick-knacks.
  • Toss unnecessary furniture or anything that makes rooms feel cramped.
  • Don’t ignore the garage; a tidy garage can add value and appeal.
  • And a pro tip: invest in a cleaning service for a deep clean before the photoshoot. Shiny surfaces and squeaky-clean windows can make a world of difference.

2. Photoshop with Purpose

Sure, Photoshop can work wonders, but use it wisely. Enhance the positives, but don’t go overboard. You’re not trying to trick anyone – you’re creating a realistic portrayal of your home. Think cozy fireplace, not a pixelated paradise.

What to keep in mind:

  • Set realistic expectations for potential buyers.
  • Less Photoshop means a smaller bill from your photographer.
  • Remember, when buyers show up in person, you want to attract genuine interest, not disappointment.

3. Master the Art of Angles

Angles are your secret weapon. Use them strategically to make your space look more inviting and spacious. Capture your home from different perspectives, showcasing every nook and cranny. For larger rooms, shoot from eye level or above; for cozy spaces like bathrooms, try eye level or below.

Top tips for nailing the angles:

  • Showcase the entire room, not just one area.
  • Take multiple shots from different angles to find your home’s best side.
  • And don’t forget about video – it’s an excellent way to highlight the flow of your home and attract out-of-state buyers.

4. Let the Light Shine In

Lighting can make or break your photos and videos. Clean those windows, pull back those curtains, and let the natural light flood in. If certain areas are still a bit dark, consider bringing in external light sources for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bright ideas for perfect lighting:

  • Clean windows for maximum light.
  • Add external light sources for darker spots.
  • Ensure all fixtures are visible, even in traditionally dim areas like attics or basements.

5. Go Pro or Go Home

Sure, DIY is trendy, but not when it comes to showcasing your home. With most buyers checking out listings online, investing in a professional photographer or videographer is a must.

Why go pro?

  • Professionals know how to capture your home’s best features.
  • Your real estate agent can recommend trusted photographers.
  • Simplify the process with a professional declutter and store service.

Remember, first impressions matter, especially in the digital age. So, make your Toronto home shine online, and you’ll welcome eager buyers through the door in no time. Happy selling!


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