How Should I Ask For Referrals In Real Estate Without Looking Desperate?

How do you ask clients for referrals? We’ve collected ways to leverage the power of referrals without looking desperate or pushy.

Directly Ask

Be direct by asking your real estate clients at the bottom of your invoices, in-person, or through email. And choose moments when your clients have expressed enthusiasm or satisfaction about their real estate experience. For example, ask for a referral after closing a deal or receive positive feedback.

Focus on the Best Clients 

These clients are the ones in your community, and those you already have a strong relationship with. They are likelier to refer your real estate products and services to other homebuyers or sellers. They can also vouch for your work or services.

Offer Incentives 

While your work can speak for itself, your clients will appreciate some gifts. You can offer incentives, like charitable in their name, a discount on future work, or a gift card. Tell them that they’ll receive something in return for every referral.

Give Your Contact Information 

Have your contact information on your clients’ phones. Ensure your phone number and email address are everywhere. Start with your social media channels, email signature, and invoices. For example, if you’re at a real estate event, ask for their number and message them. This allows them to contact and refer you to their contacts.

Join Professional Networks 

To expand your referral base, you can participate in professional real estate associations and networks. For example, join online forums, attend industry events, and engage with other professionals in the field. You can receive better-quality referrals by connecting with fellow agents, brokers, and related service providers.

Start Asking Before the Project Ends 

You don’t have to wait until the project is over. If you and your clients will start a new project soon, you can share this news with others. And if you received some positive feedback, thank them and remind them to refer your references to others.

Update and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile 

How to ask for a referral on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an excellent tool to get introduced to potential clients. It allows you to reach out to your clients’ connections. So, ensure to update your optimize your LinkedIn profile. You can also be an active member by sharing relevant content.

Encourage Clients to Like Your Facebook Page

Half of Facebook users have over 200 friends, which is a lot of potential clients. You can ask your clients to like your Facebook page. Ensure to develop infographics and other share-worthy content. Also, encourage them to share this content to reach a wider audience.

How Can I Get Referrals without Asking?

You can get a referral without asking by focusing on newer clients. For example, give them services they never had before or solve complicated problems for them. This way, they can’t stop talking about you. If someone in the same situation asks for help, your clients will be excited to refer your services. 

When is the Best Time to Ask for a Referral?

There are several times when you should ask for referrals, like when your real estate clients:

  • Voluntarily suggest that your services are incredible.
  • Send unsolicited testimonials.
  • Admit you have saved their rear end.
  • Tell you about associations they’ve joined.
  • Know someone else who needs your services.

A strong foundation of exceptional service, personalized interactions, and ongoing relationship is the key to earning referrals naturally. And the tips above can help you establish a network of satisfied clients who will willingly refer you to their contacts.


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