How Can I Create Real Estate Facebook Ads That Actually Generate Leads?

About half of real estate agents say they get their best leads from social media, while fewer come from MLS (30%) and relationship management (26%). Surprisingly, 24% of agents spend less than $50 monthly on finding leads.

However, considering that almost 96% of home buyers search for properties online and a large majority (80%) of sellers hire the first real estate agent they contact, it’s important to increase your budget for lead generation.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend much on advertisements. You just need to understand effective Facebook advertising strategies for real estate and give them a try yourself.

Share Your Latest Property

Yes, this Facebook ad is exactly what you think it is. There’s no secret strategy here: Simply advertise your newest and most impressive property.

Think of it like this: Not every commercial air during the Super Bowl. Not every campaign needs to be an award-winning masterpiece, okay?

Choose a single image or a series of images in a carousel ad. Facebook even has a special ad format for real estate properties. These ads are the foundation of real estate marketing on social media.

Why it works:

  • Buyers want to see property listings, especially millennials, who spend about 14 hours a week browsing house listings on social media.

Show The Floor Plan

When searching for a house, I had specific layout requirements that were deal-breakers. I would scroll to the end of the listing photos to check the floor plan and then go back to see the other pictures.

Am I strange? Maybe. Are there other people like me out there? Definitely.

Floor plan ads are not only for new construction projects. Try a Facebook ad featuring the floor plan of your latest property, especially if it’s unique or interesting.

Why it works:

  • Instantly grabs the attention of buyers who know what they want.
  • Effective ad format for promoting new construction presales.

Address A Specific Problem

Instead of only talking about the property, try focusing on a particular type of buyer or seller. Find out their biggest challenges when buying or selling, and then create an offer that addresses that problem.

Why it works:

  • Your most successful ads do not reach the most people. They are the ones that reach the right people.

Highlight A Video Tour

Video has become the norm on social media, with the popularity of video-first formats like Reels growing by 50% each year.

Facebook knows that video ads attract a lot of attention. They continuously add new features to enhance video ad conversion rates. Why? Because the more results you get from ads, the more ads you’ll purchase, and the more profit Facebook will earn.

Two recent changes are particularly powerful for video ads: auto-playing videos in the news feed and the new video views objective. Facebook claims these changes have increased reach and lowered video ad costs — both beneficial for you.

Why it works:

  • Video tours immediately capture attention.
  • The Facebook algorithm favors videos.

Create A Guide About the Neighborhood

If you specialize in a specific city or have multiple listings in the same area, create a blog post or webpage on your website about that neighborhood.

Include interesting facts buyers find appealing, such as the population, average age groups, nearby restaurants or attractions, walkability, and more.

Why it works:

  • Buyers can imagine their ideal life thanks to your lively description of the neighborhood and see your listings as the pathway to achieving it.
  • Attracts people who are already interested in moving to that area.
  • Highly effective when combined with advanced location targeting.


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