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Ultimate Checklist: Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

You wouldn’t want to look at your home looking boring and bland in the photos. To make sure your home catches the eye of potential buyers at first glance, here’s a home photography checklist you can use to help you.

1. home’s overall Interior

The inside of your home must feel cozy, warm, and well-lit. An atmosphere that is inviting will prompt your buyer to swipe for more photos. Patterns and designs that complement each other will work their magic, and here’s how else you can make it look stunning in the photographs.

  • Touch up paint and fill in holes or scratches
  • Remove family photos
  • Take care of the windows
  • Test all lights
  • Place fresh flowers on the table
  • Declutter and arrange in an inviting way

2. Living Room

When buyers sit in the living room, they should be able to imagine themselves relaxing, watching TV, and having fun. Making it look spacious and organized will help buyers visualize that imagination clearly.

  • Make sure the living room is well-lit
  • More space
  • Matched furniture
  • Organize bookshelves

3. Swimming Pool

If your home has a swimming pool, it’s important to maintain it in the weeks before deciding to give your home a professional real estate photography. Having a pool around the house not only increases its value, but also functions as an aesthetic amenity design.

  • Put away leaves and twigs from the water
  • Organize water hoses
  • Keep the water clean and clear

4. Kitchen

Make your home photography of the kitchen stand out by updating kitchen utensils and appliances. Keep it tidy and well-lit for irresistible photography.

  • Organize the pantry
  • Clear countertops and small appliances
  • Remove trash and put it in the garage
  • Deep clean all appliances
  • Empty the sinks and put all dishes away
  • Store away pet bowls and trash cans
  • Remove all rugs and dish towels
  • Clear off the refrigerator

5. Bedroom

Bedrooms can be really dusty if they aren’t cleaned weekly. Lights will also change the atmosphere of the room. So, make sure that you pay attention to these details and keep everything tidy.

  • Put fresh bedding and pillows
  • Put away valuables
  • Clean shades and curtains
  • Declutter and organize closets
  • Rearrange furniture as needed

6. Bathroom

Bathrooms should be relaxing enough to make your buyer imagine themselves taking a shower. Make sure everything is cleaned up and organized.

  • Place fresh towels and rugs
  • Repair sinks, baths, and showers
  • Clean toilet bowls
  • Remove soap residue, rust, and stains
  • Clear countertops and shower stalls

7. Overall Exterior

Oftentimes, the home’s overall exterior dictates its interior. When your buyer first sees how beautifully you clean, decorate, and organize the outside, they will likely ask for more photos.

  • Lawns should be mowed
  • Clean windows
  • Remove yard clutter
  • Arrange the patio furniture.
  • Make house number clean
  • Remove weeds and trim shrubs


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