5 Easy Tips That Will Boost Your Online Reputation in Real Estate

Real talk, the world of real estate is bursting with potential, but it’s also a super tight market. Clients are particular about who they choose as their real estate agent, and honestly, who can blame them? They’re about to drop some major dough on a potentially life-changing investment, so they want someone with a rock-solid reputation.

Gone are the days when your rep was built purely on word-of-mouth. Nah, nowadays, prospective clients are putting on their internet detective hats and giving you full online scrutiny before even hitting you up. They’re scrolling through your social media profiles, reading your blog posts, checking out your listings, and, of course, diving deep into those online reviews. It’s all about that online image, my peeps.

So, if you’re itching to level up that online rep and stand out in this competitive market, here are five crucial moves:

1. Leverage the power of social media

According to the National Association of REALTORS, a whopping 89% of real estate pros are all over social media, so you should be too. Todd William recommends getting on ActiveRain, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram. 

Building profiles on these platforms can help you max out your networking game and boost your visibility in Google searches. Instagram, in particular, is a goldmine for connecting with potential clients in real-time. Don’t worry if you’re not a social media guru; you can start with just one platform and learn as you go. 

Find someone who’s crushing it and follow their lead. A prime example is Joyce Rey, the executive director in Los Angeles for Coldwell Banker, who’s rocking an Instagram account that’s worth checking out.

2. Join online communities and message boards

One way to establish yourself as a real estate expert is to contribute to community discussions on message boards and Facebook groups. Take the time to find the right groups for your local area, as many cities have Facebook groups for folks moving in or out of the area. 

To find them, just hit up the Facebook search bar, enter your keywords, and select “Groups” from the options. Once you’re active in these groups, you can start building leads and enhancing your rep as the go-to expert for community knowledge.

3. Keep tabs on your online presence

Google searches are cool and all, but they’re pretty time-consuming and may not cover all bases. Here’s a more modern way to stay in the loop: set up Google Alerts. These handy tools shoot you an email whenever they find new results that match your search term. 

Just toss your name or your firm’s name in the search bar, and boom, you’ll get an email every time you’re mentioned.

4. Request those client reviews

There’s nothing quite like a personal testimony. According to a survey by BrightLocal, a whopping 84% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from their friends. It’s pretty mind-blowing, considering most of these reviews are posted by complete strangers. 

Prospective clients want to see that you’re the real deal, and the proof is in those reviews. So, make it a habit to ask your clients to leave a review when you’ve done an awesome job, whether it’s a testimonial you can feature on your blog, a review on your Yelp page, or a shoutout on your social media. 

In other words, if you snooze on your past client reviews as a potential marketing opportunity, you’re basically saying “bye-bye” to 84% of your future clients. And we all know that’s not the vibe you’re going for.

5. Flex your expertise on the web

You don’t need to wait around for a PR guru to tell your story. Be your own hype squad and drop knowledge bombs about your successes as a real estate agent. Share details about the properties you’ve recently sold, what’s hot in the market, and how you’re making a difference. 

Remember that showcasing positive reviews and testimonials from past clients is a solid move. Starting a blog doesn’t have to be a whole ordeal, either. Platforms like Squarespace or WordPress can get you up and running in minutes, and they’ll make you look like a pro.

There you have it Those are the five killer moves to boost your online rep in the real estate game. Get out there and make those power moves. Your future clients are waiting!

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