Can I Integrate Video Production In My Real Estate Ads?

Integrating videos in your real estate ads helps boost engagement and sales. You can add social media videos, testimonial videos, video ads, and other video forms. 

According to Statista, over 650 million unique video viewers watch real estate property videos across multiple platforms, like Universal Music Group, Amazon sites, Microsoft sites, yahoo, YouTube, and other Google sites. Also, Splento revealed that 58% of buyers expect a video of homes they search online. 

Why Integrate Videos In Your Real Estate Ads? 

Videos have the power to engage potential buyers and showcase properties more effectively. They also create a lasting impression.

Real estate videography better captures your property’s layout, dimensions, and unique features than static images. Potential buyers can get a realistic sense of the property, leading to increased interest and engagement.

By creating captivating video content, you can reach a wider audience, increase exposure for your listings, and generate more leads. Additionally, videos enable you to tell a story and create an emotional connection with potential clients.

What Types of Videos Should You Create for Your Ads?

Here are the different video types you can use for your next campaign ads.

Client Testimonial Videos 

These videos help attract, build, and strengthen real estate referrals. You can ask some of your best clients to describe their experiences working with you.

Agent Profile/About Us Videos 

Agent profile or about us videos usually feature real estate agents talking about their education, certifications, passion, and experiences in the real estate industry. You can also mention your connection to the real estate community where you work.

Open House Videos 

With these videos, you can highlight your property’s features and include clips of clients seeing that property for the first time. You can also have bird’s eye perspectives, floor level, and other interesting angles.

Property Listing Videos 

A one or three-minute property listing video guides viewers through each room. It also enables them to experience the property’s flow and charm. Make this video by using your listing photos or shooting in the listing.

Tips When Creating Videos for Real Estate Ads 

  • Determine the purpose of the video, including showcasing a property, highlighting amenities, or sharing a client testimonial.
  • Tailor your video to appeal to your target market, like young professionals, families, or retirees.
  • Highlight the property’s most appealing features, such as spacious rooms, modern appliances, scenic views, or unique architectural elements.
  • Use different camera angles and techniques to showcase the property’s dimensions, flow, and overall aesthetic.
  • Invest in a high-resolution camera, tripod, and stabilizers to ensure smooth and professional-looking footage.
  • Using drone technology to capture aerial footage provides a unique perspective of the property and its surroundings.
  • Narrate or provide voice-over commentary that guides viewers through the property, pointing out key details and benefits.
  • Keep your videos between 1-3 minutes to maintain viewer engagement. Longer videos may result in viewers losing interest.
  • Upload your videos to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to maximize exposure.
  • Monitor video analytics to gauge viewer interest and make improvements for future videos.
  • Respond promptly to comments or inquiries generated from the video to build rapport and establish credibility.

With the right approach, video integration into your real estate campaign ads can significantly enhance your marketing efforts and attract more potential buyers.


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