10 Best Real Estate Agents in Mississauga

Living in Mississauga is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Perfect for artsy and creative people, they have a strong community with impressive cultural influence through galleries, theatres, and more. Furthermore, it’s also nearby an airport which makes every day better if you’re also a jet setter. Sounds perfect? Here are the 10 Best Realtors in Mississauga who can help you live a lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

10 Best Realtors in Mississauga

1. Tesa Padilla

tesa padilla realtor mississauga

One of the most sought-after realtors in Mississauga, Tesa Padilla centers her mission on bringing the best home for modern families. This is made possible by her Forever Home Method that ensures your investment is something you love and will continue to do so. She takes into account how each family member’s intent for their lives (less work travel time for parents) and finds a compromise that meets everyone’s goal for the years to come.

2. Harris Does Homes

Committed to serving his clients, Mark Harris started his own real estate company in 2018. From then, he continued to deliver an impressive service that his clients appreciated and helped him grow to be where he is today. Focused on being inclusive, he works with people from different walks of life and helps them get the best value wherever their heart truly lies.

3. Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc

sam mcdadi realtor mississauga

Sam McDadi takes pride as they are hailed as the top 1 real estate company in the whole GTA for over 11 years. Furthermore, they also have an amazing track record with them helping over 1,250 families get their dream home in 2021. With a bunch of other achievements and recognitions they received, any client would surely find them in good hands with their team.

4. Team Kalia

Work with confidence with Team Kalia. They have an impressively functional website that allows buyers to easily browse through the lovely listings while at the same time, encouraging them to learn more about investing in real estate. This helps clients to get more comfortable and also confident in their decision-making. With almost a decade of service, they aim to grow more and help more clients get their dream home at the best value.

5. Fair Deal

fair deal realtor mississauga

If you’re working with a budget restriction, Fair Deal Realty Inc should be the best way to go. They have a wide roster of listings in different areas of the city and all come with a reasonable price that balances the benefit on both ends (buyer and seller). Furthermore, they provide reliable customer service and ensure that their clients have their own goals achieved at the same time.

6. Search Realty

Search Realty focuses not entirely on buying and selling residential homes but also goes beyond mortgage rage application as well. With this in mind, they ensure to cater in every step on the way of helping their clients grab their dream home in Mississauga or anywhere in the GTA. Furthermore, they are also affiliated with different communities so you’re always on top of everything with them.

7. Cynthia Ostos

cynthia ostos realtor mississauga

Heart and service-oriented realtor, Cynthia Ostos delivers the best value by helping you match with the best community and home that suits your lifestyle. With 17 combined experiences of her team, the company proved to be one of the best realtors in Mississauga as they stayed on top of the game and adapted to these changing times. Because of this, they use their knowledge of the city and industry to ensure that the client gets to invest in something they really would love in the long run.

8. Cityview Realty Inc

Straight to the point, Cityview Realty has a long list of amazing residential homes and condominium units on their website that you can check out. These are all with the assurance that each is at best condition through their thorough checking and valuation. With this in mind, they are also able to bring more value to the table by closing deals that balance both the interest of buyer and seller.

9. Witty Singh

witty singh website realtor mississauga

Witty Singh makes finding your dream home easier and less stressful. With his thorough knowledge and reliable skills, he guides clients in their decision-making while also ensuring they make the best decision for themselves and their lives. He offers a listing of beautiful homes within the city and at the same time, offers preselling for prime and new condominiums that most young adults are in for.

  • website: www.wittysingh.com/
  • address: 610-100 Milverton Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L6R 4H1

10. Peterson Team

Stunning website and promising service, Peterson Team sure delivers a memorable client experience help them get the best value without much stress in the process. Not only for residential homes, but they also have listings on condominiums and other spaces too. They deliver service with so much care and grew their business by assuring all needs are met for their clients and at the same time, their families are put first.

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