10 Best Real Estate Agents in Hamilton

As one of the diverse and growing communities in the city, Hamilton is another great place to invest in terms of real estate. With this in mind, for people who are planning to move out of the area, this also means the demand is quite favorable as well to get the best value for your assets before you let them go. Here, we rounded up the 10 best realtors in Hamilton that you can explore working with. Each has a great track record in terms of negotiation and customer service.

10 Best Realtors in Hamilton

1. Rob Golfi

golfi team realtor in hamilton

Rob Golfi works with people from different walks of life and ensures that all get the same customer service. Moreover, they deliver service in an extremely professional and efficient way that aligns with their client’s intentions and goals. They also invest in building relationships with their clients which roots from bringing the highest value possible whether in closing a sale or selling a home. Through this, it’s not surprising that their previous clients recommend them to others.

2. Royal LePage

Run by Kathy Della-Nebbia, she grew her career in real estate through referrals of her happy clients in the past through Royal Lepage. With this in mind, she expanded her services beyond Hamilton to also include home options in Burlington. Promising to deliver the best possible value to her clients, she is one of the most sought-after realtors in the area with fluency in the French language that helped her gain a niche advantage.

3. Stephen Paige

stephen paige hamilton realtor
With free home evaluation, Stephen Paige shows how dedicated he is to providing customer service. He had an impressive track record in the field since 2007 and how he started his own firm in 2019. This helped him hone his negotiation skills along with the subtle soft skills needed in the business to market a property at the best value to satisfy both the seller and buyer.

4. Bush Realty Systems

Bush Realty Systems offers a guarantee to their clients that once you worked with them, your home is considered sold already as they’ll purchase it if they weren’t able to sell it. This just shows how confident their team is in evaluating homes they put it their roster and ensuring that their clients are also educated on how the market moves. Through this promise, they are no doubt one of the best realtors in Hamilton.

5. Ambitious Realty

ambitious realtors in hamilton

If you’re looking at a home in Hamilton and other cities in the Golden Horseshoe Region, Ambitious Realty can help you. They are offering a range of properties that fits different budget range and can also help you find your dream home. Furthermore, they also put into consideration your real estate goals first and make sure that at the end of the day, these are achieved.

6. Mc Carroll Team

With an easy-to-navigate website, you can book an appointment with the Mc Caroll Team. They are extending their services both for a home evaluation and buyer consultation. Beyond this, they are also offering properties for investors who are looking for a place to lease. More than Hamilton, they also have seven other cities to check out.

7. Greg De denus

greg de denus best realtor in hamilton

Greg De Denus is one of the most recommended local realtors in Hamilton. He has a team who helps him with looking for amazing homes to offer and at the same time, close each deal in the best possible way that is backed with thorough research too. Moreover, he also shares his nuggets of knowledge with his clients for them to make informed and profitable decisions about their properties.

8. Best Hamilton Real Estate

Committed to being the best in Hamilton, Marijan who runs Best Hamilton Real Estate continuous to prove her excellence in the field with over 30 years of service. Moreover, she extends her service to not only cater for home and residential properties but also include commercial and industrial locations as well. With different clients over the years, she sure proved to be trusted which was shown in how recommended she is by her previous clients.

9. Brock Weinberger

Brock Weinberger hamilton realtor

With thorough research, Brock Weiberger ensures that all his listings and negotiations are successful. This assures his clients of the quality service he provides. Furthermore, his website has helpful features such as knowing one’s home worth resources and a mortgage calculator. Brock assures that through working together with his clients, the best value can be realized in real estate.

10. Michael St. Jean Realty

More than closing deals, Michael St. Jean Realty intends to continually raise the bar in the industry. They work hard to meet client needs and deliver the best possible service while closing the best deals for them as well. Through and through, they assure that all aligns with the client’s goals and lifestyle. This helps them make the best purchase decision that fits them best.

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