10 Best Real Estate Agents in Forest Hill (Ontario)

If you’re looking at prime real estate, Forest Hill might be somewhere you consider. This location is very accessible if you need to go around the city every day as it’s located in mid-town Toronto. Moreover, this spot is best if you have the liberty to go big and invest on one of the wealthiest and most affluent neighborhood in GTA. With that in mind, here are the 10 Best Realtors in Forest Hill that can help you score the best home ever.

10 Best Realtors in Forest Hill (Ontario)

1. Sabrina Kaufman

sabrina kaufman realtors in forest hills ontario

Sabrina Kaufman and her team believe that real estate is more than just closing deals and earning commissions. Especially as realtors in Forest Hill, they put their client first and ensure to deliver beyond expectations and close deals that bring the most value to their clients. Moreover, the whole real estate service they provide roots in their commitment to tenacity, transparency, and integrity. With a critical eye on details, they know and understand where to position the sale.

2. Forest Hill Real Estate

Since 1985, Forest Hill Real Estate has been the one-stop-shop for luxury and cream of the crop properties in Forest Hill. Not only for residential homes, but they also extended their services to have a roster of properties to best suit client needs. They have real estate homes, chalets, cottages, condos, and commercial properties. Through the years, they gained all the necessary skills and experience that can help you get the best value for your dream home purchase or even, close the sale of your home despite the competitive market.

  • website: foresthill.com/
  • address: 441 Spadina Road Toronto, ON.  M5P 2W3

3. Chestnut Park Real Estate

chestnut park realtors in forest hills

With belief that home is where the heart is, Chestnut Park Real Estate makes the extra effort to ensure that their clients get the best home for them. In order to do so, they conduct checks with the client’s budget and lifestyle to bring them the best options to choose from. Besides Forest Hill, they also have properties ready for viewing all around Toronto.

4. Rego Realty

With a team of experts in the real estate industry, Rego Realty sure delivers beyond expectations. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, they can help and guide you to make sound decisions for your properties. Moreover, they put their client’s interest first and ensure that they try their best to achieve whatever the client’s intention for the sale or purchase.

  • website: regorealty.ca/
  • address: 618 King St. W Kitchener, ON, Canada

5. Royal Lepage Infinity Realty

royal lepage realtors in forest hills

Royal Lepage caters to interested home buyers and potential clients who intend to sell their homes. To make things more convenient for their clients, especially the buyers, they give regular updates with regards to street matching and new listing alerts. Furthermore, they also even have a listing map to make it extra easier to navigate. At the same time, this also helps sellers to get potential buyers with ease.

6. Peak Realty

Peak Realty is established in 1989. Since then, they grew their company to offer more services related to the industry. They also expanded the area they cover to different parts of Toronto. Committed not only to providing excellent service but their team also works hard to adapt and learn through improvements over time.

7. Rebecca Rosa

rebecca rosa realtors in forest hills

Rebecca Rosa has a stunning website and an impressive listing that shows the range and fits well with clients from different walks of life. Furthermore, their team helps clients have the best home through designing a home suiting lifestyle the most, especially the family-friendly and prestigious Forest Hill neighborhood.

8. Forest Hill Keystone

As part of the largest luxury real estate brokers in Toronto, Forest Hill Keystone offers the best and hottest listings for the wealthy neighborhoods. Not only catering to home buyers, but they also help clients who intend to sell off their properties at the best possible value and as fast as possible.  With their large network all across the GTA, you are surely in good hands

9. Jeffrey Wagman

jeffrey wagman realtors in forest hills

Last but not least in this list, Jeffrey Wagman is another of the most-sought realtors in Forest Hills. He has a stunning website that just exudes luxury and understanding of the neighborhood lifestyle. Quite diligent and quick-witted, he helps his clients get the best deal, especially for those in-demand spots.

10. Forest Hill Prestige

With an updated listing every day, you can already jumpstart your search for your dream home with Forest Hill Prestige. They also have a readily available mortgage calculator and free home evaluation service that can get to you comfortable already before reaching out to them. At your own pace, they guide you to make the best decisions for this huge investment.

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