10+ Best Real Estate Investing Courses in Ontario Online

Ready to dip your toes into the real estate investing world, all from the comfort of your own favorite cozy corner? In a world where everything’s gone digital, why not your real estate education, too? We’ll help you ditch the commute and embrace the power of the internet to build your real estate empire.

From mastering property valuation to understanding rental income, from the art of house flipping to the science of negotiation, these best real estate investing courses in Ontario online can turn your social media scrolling time into property strolling time. So, grab your favourite device, hop online, and explore these courses, all tailor-made for our tech-savvy souls.

1. Real Estate Investment Strategies – George Brown College 

Real Estate Investment Strategies equips you with practical knowledge for residential real estate investing. This real estate investing course covers location research, financing, cost assessment, and mortgage requirements. As you join the instructor-led online classes, you’ll experience an LMS and videoconferencing software (camera and microphone may be required).

2. Capital Markets & Investing in CRE – Toronto Metropolitan University

With Capital Markets & Investing in CRE, you’ll discover the key learning outcomes that provide a comprehensive understanding of the capital markets environment and the requisite skills for market participants. Students will become adept at utilizing market measurement tools to assess and evaluate public companies while gaining awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of internal versus external management modes.

3. Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Profitable… and Fun! – OnlineEd 

This four-part professional development course equips you to build wealth through investment properties. Upon finishing the series, you’ll confidently discuss crucial topics like 1031 exchanging, rental property pricing, income tax savings, depreciation, NOI (Net Operating Income), rate of return, and cash flow. Also, it offers a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient training option, accessible 24/7 with unlimited viewing, allowing you to complete each part at your convenience.

4. Master Class Canadian Distressed Real Estate Investment Seminar – Flipping 4 Profit 

During the Canadian Real Estate Investment Seminar LIVE, you’ll uncover the art of house flipping for immediate profits. It highlights the secrets and strategies related to real estate investments. The expert trainers guide you through acquiring deeply discounted real estate, leveraging various resources, including grants from the Canadian Government, to supercharge your investment endeavors.

5. Development in CRE – Toronto Metropolitan University 

In Development in CRE, you’re guided through a comprehensive journey of feasibility analysis, delving into the crucial roles of development team members. The program explores the development of various property types, including mixed-use, and enhances the learning experience by integrating case studies, lectures, and interactive discussions.

6. Free Real Estate Investing Class – Rock Star Inner Circle 

With Free Real Estate Investing Class, you’ll gain valuable insights, including the types of homes favored for investment and the rationale behind these choices. Additionally, this online real estate investing course teaches you how to create positive cash flow properties in your local area, discover strategies for achieving a substantial return on investment within weeks of closing, and much more. 

7. Investment Real Estate (Financial Tools) – Real Estate Institute of Canada 

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Investment Real Estate is a two-day course that tackles fundamental financial planning concerns, empowering you to effectively compute crucial financial factors and optimize the financial prospects of your properties. It covers various topics, such as property management, budgeting and reports, cash flow analysis, capitalization and valuation, loan analysis, etc.

8. Lending in CRE – Toronto Metropolitan University 

The main goal of the Lending in CRE course is to help you recognize and comprehend the objectives and underwriting techniques employed in Real Estate Lending. Additionally, the curriculum combines both theory and practical application, offering real-world financing examples from the Canadian marketplace and comparing them with other markets.

9. Real Estate Investment & Finance – BOMI Education Canada 

Real Estate Investment & Finance empowers you to assume control of real estate investments for optimal property value enhancement. You’ll gain proficiency in evaluating real estate investments, crafting budgets to estimate net operating income, and have access to spreadsheet examples that illustrate contemporary calculation techniques.

10. Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation – Real Estate Institute of Canada 

Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation – Real Estate Institute of Canada
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Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation involves in-depth discussions and practical exercises, focusing on applying concepts essential for conducting various cash flow analyses. After completing these real estate investing courses, you can use your newfound knowledge in real-world investment scenarios, solidifying your expertise in driving higher returns.

11. Law in CRE – Toronto Metropolitan University 

Taking Law in CRE allows you to focus on the foundational legal aspects of real estate, examining regulatory controls that govern real estate practices and legal best practices essential for conducting transactions, such as development, construction, financing, leasing, and purchases and sales. By gaining a solid understanding of the legal aspects, you’ll be better equipped to navigate real estate transactions, thereby minimizing or significantly mitigating risks.

In the age of high-speed internet and remote opportunities, you can enhance your skills, boost your investment knowledge, and connect with like-minded peers with these real estate investing courses, all from the comfort of your pajamas and favorite coffee mug.

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