15+ Best Real Estate Investing Coaches in Ontario

Ontario’s got rules, and real estate investing is no exception. The best real estate investing coaches help you decipher the legal jargon, navigate regulations, and dodge potential pitfalls. No one wants to be caught in a legal maze, so let your coach be your guide.

These real estate investing experts are on top of market trends, hot neighbourhoods, and up-and-coming areas, giving you the scoop on where the real action is. We’ve scoped out the coolest crew of real estate gurus in Ontario because building your empire doesn’t have to be complicated. 

1. Christian Szpilfogel 

Christian Szpilfogel brings a data-driven approach to investing, emphasizing evidence-based decision-making and a strategic focus on real estate investment tactics. His coaching encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, delving into business case analysis, financial analysis, and the fundamental principles of real estate investment.

2. Michael Kharlab 

With an impressive 20-year IT and Telecom background, Michael Kharlab transitioned from the corporate world to a full-time real estate investor and educator. Drawing from his own experience of investing part-time, he understands the unique challenges professionals face while striving to create financial independence.

3. Lyn Lebeau 

Lyn Lebeau guides individuals towards their first million dollars through real estate ventures, all without using their own money. If you find yourself trapped in a job you dislike, constrained by bills and long working hours, she’s the expert to help you break free and redefine your life on your terms.

4. Bruce Firestone 

Discover the secrets of building an above-average performing real estate portfolio that transcends generations with Bruce Firestone. He shares invaluable insights on developing a portfolio that provides for you and secures financial stability for your family over three generations.

5. Brandon Strickland 

Brandon Strickland is one of the best real estate investing coaches and licensed real estate sales representative with an impressive 12-year track record in property investment. His coaching style is grounded in practical knowledge from hands-on experience in various real estate ventures.

6. Joel Alexander 

Joel Alexander supports individuals facing challenges similar to those he encountered in 2011. As a coach, Joel is committed to sharing his accumulated knowledge over the years. His coaching approach is designed to help you develop, strategize, and kick-start your own real estate investment portfolio.

7. Elizabeth Kelly 

Recognizing the transformative potential of real estate investment, Elizabeth Kelly founded EK Consulting and Coaching. Through this venture, she’s dedicated to assisting both new and experienced investors in planning, structuring, and creatively financing their real estate portfolios.

8. Martin Ouellet 

Martin Ouellet offers proven solutions for wealth management through hassle-free real estate investments and high-return projects. He guides investors on collaborative strategies and makes profitable decisions regarding real estate investment opportunities and partnerships.

9. Phil Pustejovsky 

Phil Pustejovsky believes in the transformative power of mentorship. He’s the bestselling author of “How to be a Real Estate Investor” and “Real Estate Investing Gone Bad. “ Moreover, he aims to provide the greatest real estate investing wisdom available.

10. Andrea Williams 

Andrea Williams, co-founder of the Kean Real Estate Group Inc., understands the importance of premium property management and tenant placement services. She empowers her clients through comprehensive real estate education and advising.

11. Gary Hibbert 

Through public speaking, online webinars, and his own Podcast channel, Gary Hibbert inspires and educates individuals ready to change their mindset and create a wealth strategy plan. He attends corporate, private, and school events to educate adults and children about the transformative potential of real estate investing.

12. Kemba Williams 

Kemba Williams has a unique background that spans from the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia to the halls of the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where she pursued her undergraduate degree. As the Kean Real Estate Group Inc. co-founder, she recognizes a crucial need for more targeted education and support services. 

13. Kory Mackinnon 

A former Corporate Trainer, Kory Mackinnon’s journey into real estate investing began in his late teens when he discovered his passion after reading David Chilton’s influential book, “The Wealthy Barber.” His goal is to help individuals avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that arise when there are no solid plans, systems, and accountability in place.

14. Zhen Liang 

As a RE/MAX Excel Advantage Realty leader, Zhen Liang brings a unique perspective to the coaching process, offering insights and strategies derived from hands-on experience in the real estate industry. Having transformed his life through strategic real estate investments, he’s now passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise to empower others.

15. Ryan Carr 

Ryan Carr believes in the Go-Giver mentality, guiding individuals to design lives they may have only previously dreamt of. He aims to emphasize the importance of time as our most precious asset, advocating for building passive, generational wealth through real estate investment.

16. Quentin D’Souza 

Quentin D’Souza is a highly acclaimed real estate investing coach and multiple award-winning real estate investor. His expertise has earned him recognition on both local and national levels, with appearances on television and radio, featured in national publications, and engagements as a keynote speaker to large audiences of real estate investors.

Getting the best real estate investing coaches isn’t only a good idea and a game-changer. They’ll help you succeed in the competitive world of Ontario real estate. Ready to make moves? Your coach is waiting.

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