10+ Best Real Estate Investing Blogs in Canada

Dreaming of making it big in the Canadian real estate scene? Well, you’re not alone; Canadians are diving headfirst into the world of property investment, and trust us, it’s a journey worth taking. But the web is flooded with real estate advice, mortgage rate whispers, and promises of unbeatable deals. And honestly, not all blogs are created equal, and separating the wheat from the chaff can be a real challenge.

Fear not, though. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, unlocking the 10+ best real estate investing blogs in Canada. We’ve sifted through the sea of information to bring you reliable, actionable insights tailored for Canadians, both old and new, to the investment game.

1. Scale District 

Scale District empowers industry leaders with strategic real estate websites, irresistible branding, and laser-focused lead generation. Their blog section is a haven for investors, offering not just insights but a treasure trove of interesting data. Scale District sets itself apart with a refreshing light tone, unlike some other real estate blogs in Canada.

2. Zoocasa 

Revolutionizing the home buying and selling experience, Zoocasa seamlessly blends modern technology with a top-notch full-service real estate team. Zoocasa real estate blog is your trusted companion on the journey to a smarter and faster real estate transaction. You’ll get many tips, tricks, insights, and in-depth analysis to simplify your real estate investing journey.

3. Nawar Naji 

Nawar Naji Blog is your go-to hub for investing in the right property and transforming your home into a masterpiece of value. More than just a real estate blog, Nawar Naji’s insights are a treasure trove for those looking to enhance their living spaces, boost property value, and dive into the world of flipping. Nawar Naji, a real estate entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from McMaster University, brings a unique blend of expertise in renovations, construction, and conversions to the table.

4. Real Estate Tax Tips 

Imagine having a Google Map for investors and hardworking Canadians charting the course to financial freedom. As the #1 Tax Accountant dedicated to investors and those striving for financial independence, Real Estate Tax Tips specialises in simplifying your path to wealth through real estate. Their blogs are your compass, guiding you through the complexities and offering invaluable insights to help investors and everyday Canadians streamline their journey to financial freedom.

5. Buttonwood Property Management 

With a decade’s worth of Real Estate, Property Management, Sales, and Services expertise, Buttonwood Property Management has granted us unparalleled insights into the intricate dance of creating real estate wealth over time. They’re educators, sharers of industry wisdom, and partners in pursuing real estate success. Their blogs are beyond the collection of tips and a commitment to building and expanding the body of knowledge within the real estate investing community.

6. Multi Family Investing Canada 

Exploring opportunities in multi-family property investment? Check out the distinctive Multi Family Investing Canada blog. Unlike traditional lengthy posts, this blog offers captivating anecdotes from experts and fellow investors. Ditching written content, they’ve opted for dynamic videos ranging from 5 to 25 minutes.

7. Canadian Real Estate Wealth 

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth is a trusted online magazine for staying ahead in the dynamic world of real estate. Dive into the latest real estate news, expert advice, and various topics, including property tax, rental property insights, and construction trends. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just entering the real estate arena, they’re your source for in-depth knowledge and expert perspectives.

8. Buy Properly 

Introducing the Buy Properly blog, a versatile real estate investing resource designed for a diverse audience. They offer insights ranging from essential tips for selecting the perfect property to strategies for risk mitigation and savvy approaches to save on taxes. Also, you can explore real-life examples and pertinent statistics that illuminate the current real estate landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions.

9. Emily Jones Real Estate 

Be part of an information-rich haven with Emily Jones Real Estate blog, providing comprehensive monthly real estate market reports that encapsulate all the key developments. They’re your go-to source for staying seamlessly up-to-date. Updated regularly with brief articles, the content ensures you’re in the know without overwhelming you with lengthy reads.

10. The Canadian Home 

With The Canadian Home, you’ll access Ontario’s hottest real estate listings right at your fingertips. Explore an array of curated selections tailored just for you, where your dream property is just a click away. And their blogs are not only informative but also effortlessly easy to read. They’ll empower you with the knowledge and resources you need.

11. Michael Maxwell Homes 

With over a decade of experience in buying, selling, and investing in the city’s finest homes, Michael Maxwell Homes brings unparalleled expertise to your real estate journey. Committed to delivering impeccable high-end service, they’re your go-to choice for navigating Toronto’s luxury real estate landscape. They also offer exclusive insights into the Toronto market, from high-end homes to the city’s vibrant lifestyle, in their blog section.

If you’re tired of chasing after half-baked tips and want the real deal, stick around, these real estate investing blogs offer the juiciest hacks, the latest mortgage rates, and the kind of real estate deals that dreams are made of.


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