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10+ Best Private Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Ever heard of a magical tool that can turn your property dreams into bricks-and-mortar reality, even if the banks won’t give you the time of day? Enter the hard money loan.

So, what’s the deal with hard money loans? If you found the perfect fixer-upper or an opportunity too good to pass up, but traditional banks are giving you the cold shoulder, hard money loans can be your financial superheroes.

Need cash ASAP to snag that killer deal? Hard money lenders provide quick approvals and faster access to funds. They’re not bogged down by the bureaucratic red tape that traditional banks swim in. They understand the local market nuances, speak the language of your property dreams, and are more likely to take risks that big banks would shy away from.

Today, we’ll let you meet some of the best private hard money lenders in Canada.

1. ZAR Capital Ltd.

ZAR Capital Ltd. is a premier private hard money lender, specialising in delivering tailored financial solutions to real estate investors and property owners in Toronto. Their comprehensive suite of hard money loans, all meticulously designed to meet clients’ unique needs. Their unwavering focus on secure investments that yield consistent returns makes them a trusted partner in private hard money financing.

2. Toronto Private Lenders 

As a distinguished private hard money lender, Toronto Private Lenders excels in facilitating tailored financing solutions to meet your unique needs. They streamline the process, ensuring swift pre-approval within the hour and funding in just one week. What sets them apart is their commitment to flexibility, placing a greater emphasis on property value and condition over rigid regulations.

3. Avenue Financial 

Founded in 2004, Avenue Financial emerges as a prominent private hard money lender specialising in both commercial and residential financing services. With a commitment to excellence, they provide various financing options for different property types, including residential homes, offices, apartments, new home constructions, and commercial real estate. Their team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering a seamless finance process marked by clear communication.

4. Private Lender Inc. 

Private Lender Inc. offers both individual private investors and companies enticing opportunities to invest in residential, commercial, and rural mortgages. They cater to diverse financial needs with a comprehensive range of financing options, including purchase, refinance, construction, renovation, equity take-out, debt consolidation, and more.

5. Max Capital Financial 

Best Private Hard Money Lenders
via maxcap.ca 

Offering a streamlined and efficient financing solution centred around the value of your property, Max Capital Financial is your go-to private hard money lender in Alberta. Their private hard money loans are structured with collateral in mind, enabling borrowers to secure loans of up to 75 percent of the property value (loan to value). Ideal for those on tight schedules and seeking a quick loan process with minimal paperwork, this lender ensures a process akin to a cash purchase.

6. Capri Mortgage Corporation 

Capri Mortgage Corporation allows proposals needing immediate responses to be swiftly approved and funded in-house. What sets them apart is their commitment to individualized investments – they do not pool investor funds. Their personalized and direct lending approach delivers a unique and secure investment experience for those seeking private hard money lending solutions.

7. Atlantic Signature Mortgage & Loan 

Specialising in short-term loans, Atlantic Signature Mortgage & Loan helps clients during transitional periods, aiming to facilitate a smooth transition to conventional lending, typically within one year. They provide tailored financial solutions when traditional avenues fall short, positioning them as a reliable partner for those navigating unique financial scenarios in Halifax and beyond.

8. Graysbrook Capital Ltd. 

Graysbrook Capital, a licensed private mortgage lender headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and active in the four Atlantic Provinces and the Ontario market, is a trusted name in private hard money lending. With a commitment to tailored financing solutions, they are the go-to partner for those seeking reliable and flexible options in the dynamic real estate markets.

9. Freedom Capital 

Freedom Capital tailors their offerings to suit the unique circumstances of each borrower. Whether it’s a fix-and-flip project, a property purchase, or a business expansion, they navigate the intricacies of lending with a focus on speed and efficiency. Their team of experts works closely with clients to ensure a thorough understanding of their financial goals, allowing for the creation of customized loan packages.

10. Jeff Di Lorenzo The Mortgage Group 

At Jeff Di Lorenzo The Mortgage Group, they redefine real estate financing by offering swift and efficient solutions as a private hard money lender. Recognizing the need for faster approvals, they leverage the power of home equity to provide expedited and higher approval rates than traditional banks. Operating in British Columbia, they bring diverse mortgage options, tailoring solutions to individual needs.

If you’re looking to flip, renovate, or invest in the next big thing, private hard money lenders are the key to unlocking doors that traditional financing may keep closed. With their speed, flexibility, and genuine passion for your success, they’re your partners in your real estate adventure.

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