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10+ Best Airbnb Interior Design Companies in Toronto

Are you tired of your rental feeling like a basic spot when it could be a design masterpiece? Or are you ready to upgrade your reviews from “good” to “OMG, I never want to leave”? Stick around as we unveil the best Airbnb interior design companies in Toronto.

While you have a fantastic Airbnb space, the location is prime, and your guests are raving about the city, your interiors are stuck in a time warp, and the vibe is more “meh” than “wow.” That’s where the Airbnb design pros become your BFFs.

1. VintageBASH 

You can expect swoon-worthy details from VintageBASH that make your Airbnb stand out. They deliver an aesthetically appealing and sensational haven that’s not just a place to crash but an experience to remember. From the cozy living room to the dreamy bedroom, their Airbnb interior designers and decorators craft each space with love and expertise.

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2. Ama Studio 

Suppose your Airbnb property needs a full-blown renovation, a stylish furnishing upgrade, or a picture-perfect styling session before hitting the Airbnb stage. In that case, Ama Studio can be your secret weapon. They specialize in turning spaces into experiences, ensuring your listing stands out from the competition. They create spaces that impress and translate into stellar reviews from your guests.

3. Balsam Interiors 

Balsam Interiors is your Airbnb interior expert who transforms spaces into booking magnets. Your property becomes a curated masterpiece as they furnish and accessorize it with carefully selected pieces, ensuring optimal appeal for photos and unforgettable guest stays. Plus, when you partner with them, you unlock exclusive discounts on merchandise from your favourite home stores.

4. GTA Fine Interiors 

With a blend of creativity, skill, and experience, GTA Fine Interiors can bring your Airbnb property to life with impressive interior design. They use colours, lighting, and art to give your space an airy feel or set the perfect ambiance. Moreover, they elevate your space with their unique touch and unparalleled expertise.

5. SB Interior Design 

If you’re up to a splash of colour or a complete design overhaul, SB Interior Design is committed to unleashing creativity and providing top-notch customer service. Their interior designers are your partner in every interior makeover, no matter the size. From scouring for the perfect products to maximizing your space, they invest the time to ensure every detail is perfect.

6. MasterHost 

Offering flexibility and a personalized design journey, MasterHost is about aesthetics and creating spaces that tell your story. They handle everything from full-on renovation projects to curating the perfect shopping list. They know that one size doesn’t fit all, so they collaborate with you to tailor a design package that suits your vibes and budget.

7. Sunrae Stays 

Sunrae Stays is your go-to team for turning properties into aesthetically pleasing havens that captivate guests. Their expert team doesn’t just design but also set up properties strategically to maximize their appeal and ensure they earn top dollar. From concept to execution, they’ll help you build unforgettable Airbnb listings.

8. La Vie Staging & Design Co.

With a focus on creating inviting and memorable environments, La Vie Staging & Design Co. transforms your property into a unique and desirable destination for travellers. They are committed to elevating your Airbnb experience through smart, multifunctional design and decorating services, ensuring your space is both stylish and profitable.

9. Airbee Designs 

Are you launching a new property or revitalizing a decades-long rental? Airbee Designs will help you maximize your space for ultimate comfort, functionality, and jaw-dropping aesthetic appeal. With their expert interior design service, your listing becomes eye-catching but Instagram-worthy, ensuring more traffic and boosting those monthly bookings.

10. Furnishr 

You can work directly with Furnishr’s in-house designers to bring your vision to life as they conduct market research and tap into their experience. This ensures your space is appealing. They have a catalogue boasting thousands of furniture and accessories, and their expert designers curate the perfect products for your style, space, and budget.

11. Flip Haus 

Flip Haus can turn your Airbnb into a lucrative investment. They will help you enhance the rental experience with well-styled, picture-perfect, and comfortable designs that not only attract guests but also elevate your property’s overall appeal. With a keen eye for aesthetics and practicality, they ensure your investment looks great and performs exceptionally well in the competitive hospitality industry.

12. Hope Designs 

Hope Designs starts with a solid plan tailored to your unique tastes, needs, lifestyle, and budget. They’re the ones to turn to if you’re searching for a skilled interior decorator. They craft spaces that reflect your style and cater to your practical requirements, ensuring a harmonious and personalised atmosphere for your Airbnb property.

Bringing in an Airbnb interior design company will not only add a splash of style but also create an experience and a story and turn your rental into a destination in itself.

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