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5 Highly Actionable Real Estate Newsletter Ideas With Crazy Open Rates

Been slacking with sales lately? Maybe the solution to that problem lies in making a few tweaks to your newsletters. However, it could be easier said than done. But no worries, because we’re about to make your life easier.

Read on to learn how you can apply these five highly actionable real estate newsletter ideas. And if you haven’t started creating your business newsletters yet, the perfect time is after reading this blog.

What are Real Estate Marketing Newsletters?

A real estate newsletter is an email marketing tool that real estate agents and teams can use to keep their community engaged by giving valuable insight and content such as leads, clients, and spheres of influence. Email newsletters are intended to enlighten, educate, or entertain subscribers and can be distributed weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or at any other frequency.

The Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Newsletter Secrets

1. A Summary of Quick and Interesting Market Insights

Who wouldn’t want a free report and the latest updates about the real estate markets? An insight into the current market gives value to your audience that’s essential in making their buy or sell decision. To do this, you can include statistics, of course, an infographic, and a reference to a reliable source.

Another important thing aside from a pure report is that you should also include what’s in it for them. You can write something along the lines of, “Is it the right time to buy a property in your neighborhood?” or “Is it the right time to take out a mortgage loan?”

Real Estate Newsletter Ideas That Converts
Source: Follow Up Boss


In your newsletter, you can also add a short video showing the current real estate market conditions. Having a video around will boost the engagement rate and lower the opt-out rate.

2. Featuring Happy Clients

Featuring your happy clients is the ultimate newsletter marketing strategy to boost your trustworthiness and credibility rate. According to one study, using client testimonials on a regular basis will help you produce around 62% more money, not only from each consumer but also from each time they visit your business.

Digital marketing tips for real estate agents
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3. Showing Really Interesting Properties

Showing your interested audience your current hottest listing isn’t just pure selling. You’re also giving them ideas about what types of properties people are looking to buy today. You’re lucky if they’re also searching for a property similar to your new listing. If it interests them, then you’ve just got yourself a new client.

Real Estate Newsletter Ideas With Crazy Open Rates
Source: Get Response

However, to do this, your message shouldn’t sound desperate and immediately feed your audience with all that sales talk. Learn to do some real estate copywriting to grab their attention and create engagement. Here are some tips from Jasper to give you a headspin.

4. Write About a Topic That Has Been Plaguing Your Audience’s Mind

Have you noticed that one question that’s been asked by your audience or potential customers for a long time now? That’s an opportunity to write about a topic that will answer their concerns. Give your audience value, and your email list will soon grow like branches.

Real estate marketing ideas
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Remember, don’t stack up for more words; explain it directly to them. Don’t forget to use a few visual designs, too, like infographics. Aside from that, you can also refer them to a video for further details.

5. Create a Poll on a Hard-To-Ignore Topic

Got an interesting topic that you think will boost your engagement rate? Ask the audience. They all love to participate in activities where their opinions and ideas are heard. They also want to know what others think about the issue. Using a poll, you’ve not only created an interesting discussion with your audience, but you’ve also created an interest within the group, which is important.

Newsletter tips for real estate
Source: Follow Up Boss

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