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10+ Best Real Estate Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

If you want to hit your sales target quickly before the end of the year, real estate video marketing is the best way to do that.

According to classic research, real estate listings with videos received 403% more inquiries than those that did not have any. Additionally, if your website has a video, it has a 50x higher chance of being found on a search engine’s first page. That means you will have a greater audience reach and more established credibility online.

So, here are some of the best real estate marketing video marketing you can try.

1. Create neighborhood guides on video for prospective customers

Creating videos on neighborhood guides is the best way to get your prospective buyer’s attention. In your video, showcase the best highlights in the neighborhood, like the schools, public transportation, hospitals, banks, parks, and even go-to entertainment places.

Also, include current and future real estate insights in the neighborhood, like when is a good time to buy or sell properties, or possible interest rate hikes and how they affect your audience. This will help them assess the situation and make things clearer.


2. Make a video of client endorsements to establish credibility

Nothing beats the happy clients’ endorsements of you to build your name and credibility. So, make a dedicated video of your past clients and highlight how they are very satisfied with your services.

3. Short videos about real estate markets and forecasts

People want to be informed about the latest real estate market forecasts to help with their decisions. Aside from the usual statistics and projections, also include your own insights and how they can affect buyers and sellers in a certain neighborhood.

Don’t forget to go for visuals like infographics. Also, include a direct quote, or an excerpt from an expert’s interview, or a direct news item to make it trustworthy.

4. Host a Q and A on Facebook, TikTok, or IG

Your audience will always have questions; to answer them, hosting a Q & A is an excellent option. Letting your audience participate is not only direct marketing but gives them value and establishes a relationship at the same time.

5. Make videos about your real estate advices

Yes, advises. The real estate business is an expensive business, and making mistakes is simply not an option. Everyone wants to learn from your insider tips to avoid mistakes.

6. DIY videos of real estate repairs and curb appeals

Some of your followers may be planning on selling their houses soon, and, of course, they want to increase their value by tweaking some repairs here and there. A DIY video on curb appeal, faded plaster on walls and countertops, and house painting will be an interesting watch.

7. Debunking some real estate myths

Everyone loves to debunk myths about almost everything, even real estate. So, you might as well turn this idea into something entertaining.

8. Follow up videos

Keep your audience in the loop by making follow-up real estate promo videos, real estate forecasts, or your recent sold listing. Keep them updated.

9. Videos promoting nearby properties

Promote your nearby properties by giving quick info, virtual tours, and exciting offers for those interested. Encourage them to contact you for more information as a CTA.

10. Buying and selling tips

Let your audience know some of the secrets to buying and selling properties. Discuss the interesting parts, like getting approved for a mortgage with a low credit rating, how else they can finance their dream home, or when is the best time to sell for sellers.

10. Create a professional introduction video and also showcase your portfolio

Although creating an introduction video seems reasonable, having a professional introduction video showcasing your best work and portfolio makes an impression last with your audience.

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