10+ Best Real Estate TikTok Marketing Strategies 2023

TikTok was once deemed a social platform for younger generations wanting to create and share trendy dance videos, but realtors now use it as a powerful lead generator. While millennials are most likely to be the current customers, younger Gen Z is already familiar with the platform and uses it to make purchase decisions in the future. 

To help you boost your brand, attract potential clients, and showcase properties captivatingly, we’ve listed the best real estate TikTok marketing strategies in 2023.

1. Home Highlight Reels 

You can showcase the property’s best features by creating short, eye-catching highlight reels. If you’ll present a new property, use aerial drone footage of the breathtaking views and luxurious amenities.

2. Before and After Transformations 

Many real estate agents showcase the transformation of a property from “before” to “after” renovations on TikTok. This demonstrates your expertise and the potential of a property.

3. Trendy Property Challenges

You can incorporate properties into viral TikTok challenges, aligning your content with current trends and increasing visibility. For example, create a “Renovation Transformation” challenge to showcase the potential of a fixer-upper.

4. Market Updates and Insights

TikTok offers a fun and creative way to keep viewers informed with regular market updates, ensuring they stay up-to-date with real estate trends. You can provide insightful analysis of the current market conditions.

5. Influencer Collaborations 

Partnering with popular local influencers helps realtors expand their reach and tap into influencers’ established audiences. You can collaborate with a home décor influencer to showcase their design expertise with your property listings.

6. Interactive Polls and Surveys 

Realtors can use TikTok to engage with their audience by conducting polls and surveys to gather their preferences and opinions on different property features. For instance, you can ask your viewers to vote on their preferred kitchen style – modern or farmhouse.

7. Time-Limited Offers 

TikTok can help real estate agents create a sense of urgency by offering discounts or exclusive deals on properties for a limited time. Use this platform to promote your “One-Day Flash Sale” offer for a stunning suburban property.

8. Q&A Sessions 

You can host live Q&A sessions where you address common real estate questions and concerns. This lets you interact with viewers in real-time and build a strong connection.

9. Real Estate Humor 

Inject humor into your real estate content to entertain and engage your audience. You can use witty captions, skits, or funny anecdotes to create shareable content that resonates with viewers. For example, create a humorous skit highlighting the challenges of house hunting. This can generate laughs and positive engagement.

10. Virtual Open Houses

TikTok has a live feature that you can use to host virtual open houses. This live event enables you to engage with viewers, answer their questions in real-time, and provide detailed property tours, giving potential buyers an immersive experience.

11. Testimonials and Success Stories 

You can feature satisfied clients and their success stories to build trust and credibility. For instance, interview a recently happy homeowner who shares their positive experience working with you. The video can include shots of the property and heartfelt testimonials, highlighting your dedication and professionalism.

With its massive user base and engaging short-form videos, TikTok has become a game-changing marketing platform for realtors. And these TikTok marketing strategies will help you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and establish meaningful connections with potential clients. You can also check out our real estate logo templates. These templates are easy to customize and will help you make your branding stronger.


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