10+ Best Real Estate Marketing Gifts in Toronto

Every day realtors in Toronto face tough competition. And one way to stand out is by giving their clients thoughtful and memorable gifts. 

Real estate marketing gifts express gratitude for their business and constantly remind them of their services. We’ve listed the best real estate marketing gifts in Toronto to help you foster long-term connections and establish strong client relationships. 

Custom Welcome Mat 

If you have new real estate clients, greet them with personalized mats. They can feature their family name. You can also include your real estate brand. 

House Tag Key Holder 

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 Your clients who have recently purchased a new house would be excited to receive their keys. So, giving them a key holder is a thoughtful gesture. 

Toronto-Themed Wall Art 

You can capture the essence of Toronto with local artwork showcasing iconic landmarks, cityscapes, or skylines. This marketing gift can enhance the aesthetic of their new space. 

Moving Day Essential Kit 

One thoughtful way to ease your client’s moving process is by providing them with a handy kit. It can contain packing tape, bubble wrap, scissors, and other items to reduce the stress of moving. 

Local Food and Drink Baskets 

Showcase Toronto’s culinary scene by curating a selection of the finest locally made treats. You can put artisan chocolates, craft beers, or gourmet coffee in a basket. 

Customized Calendar 

You can give your clients a personalized calendar featuring beautiful images of Toronto, local events, or their family photos. It will remind them about their new life in the city. 

Housewarming Party Kit 

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Help your clients celebrate their new home with friends and family by giving them a housewarming party kit. You can include essentials like party decorations, disposable plates, and utensils. 

Personalized Closing Gifts 

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Opt for a custom closing gift tailored to your client’s interests or hobbies. It could be personalized cutting boards, tickets to a local event, a fitness membership, or a book they’ve been eyeing. 

Smart Home Devices 

If your client needs upgrades in their new home, gift them smart devices like a smart security system, smart thermostat, or a voice-activated assistant. These modern gifts will add value and convenience to their new property. 

Professional Photography Session

A photography session for your client’s new property can capture the joy of ownership. Your clients will cherish these high-quality images for years to come. 

Local Experience Vouchers 

Give your clients gift experiences vouchers, such as local attractions, spa days, entertainment venues, or restaurants in Toronto. It allows them to explore and get familiar with their new neighborhood. 

Neighborhood Tours 

You can arrange guided tours of their new neighborhood to show them local attractions, parks, schools, community centers, and popular hangout spots. This helps them feel more connected to their new community.

Soy Candles

A soy candle is a cozy addition to your client’s new home. This candle lasts longer than a regular candle. It is also eco-friendly and comes with plenty of opportunities for customization.

The real estate market in Toronto demands exceptional client service and thoughtful gestures. By selecting the best real estate marketing gifts for your clients, you express gratitude for their business and leave an indelible impression that can increase referrals and repeat business.


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